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Cheap wedding dress: why not?

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When we think of our big day let’s imagine everything, down to the smallest detail, just like we do we would like to: decorations , the participations , l < span style = "color: # 0000ff; text-decoration: underline;"> ‘ auto , i < a href = "/? p = 4090"> placeholder , the wedding cake , the sugared etc. etc. More than anything else though, we care about the wedding dress , because we would like what we have always dreamed of. Very often it happens, however, that the dress we would like is not part of our budget . We must necessarily resign ourselves? Of course not: in the article we propose three methods to have the dress of our dreams at the price of our dreams .

Contact a trusted seamstress

Very often it happens that going to an atelier that sells clothes signed by the best designers of the wedding scene, we like a model that we cannot afford . The first thing to do is to try it: if the dress tried there is a charm, we can kindly ask the saleswoman to take a picture of us and, once at home, ask a trusted seamstress , of our knowledge or knowledge of one of our relatives or friends, to reproduce it using materials that are less valuable and with fewer crystals. This will give us the dress of our dreams paid almost half compared to what we originally saw.

Take advantage of discounts

As we say: the marriage industry is never discounted! This is true, but only in part, because there are periods of the year in which many ateliers discount , and not a little, some models that may have been test models or not required. And who tells us that among these models we will not find exactly what is right for us? Maybe not, but maybe yes, and we’re going to save money on a huge sum by buying a dress that fits perfectly. It matters little if it is a test suit: there is no stain or bead that a good dry cleaner or a good dressmaker cannot solve.

Choose a second-hand dress

Above all in the south it was customary, once married, to donate one’s dress to religious associations , so as to allow less fortunate brides to still have a dress of good features on their best day . Today this custom has remained but, if you are not convinced to turn to religious institutes, you can go to stores parallel to the ateliers that sell used clothes. You could find the dress of your dreams and pay a third of what it would normally cost, living your special day with your dress even more special, because it will have made two women happy.

The wedding dress is an important expense and, one of the largest of the whole marriage. No wonder then that some brides who have a low budget are looking for a way to have a dream dress at an affordable price: we hope to have provided you with 3 good alternatives to have the dress of your dreams at a fabulous price.

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