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Religious wedding: the 5 steps to your dream ceremony

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When we talk about religious marriage we obviously think of all or almost Catholic Christian marriage . This obviously depends on our cultural heritage , but religious marriage could concern any ceremony in which there is a certain ritual of sacred nature . But, as we refer to what is more common happens before our eyes, when we talk about religious marriage we will refer in the article to Catholic Christian marriage. In our article in particular we will indicate 5 steps that will make your religious marriage a true fairy tale , in which tradition and modernity are linked together.

The entry rite

There is nothing more exciting during the religious ceremony of the entrance ritual : the groom waits at the altar with his witness; the wedding march starts; the bride walks along the aisle accompanied by her father who, kissing her forehead, grants her hand to the groom. All decorated with the emotion of all those present. The rite of entry into the Church is one of the moments whose rituality precisely links our age to the past , creating a bridge between tradition and modernity which shows us how even the most ancient of the rituals can still excite today.

Liturgy and Homily

The moment of Liturgy is the time dedicated to reading the passages selected by you . You can entrust the reading to witnesses, relatives or family members in order to involve them directly in the marriage ritual. Then the parish priest will read your passage from the Gospel. The moment of the Homily instead is dedicated to the moment of the actual function : the closer the pastor is to you, the more exciting it will be, because maybe it is the pastor who has you followed as a child and who will be moved with you for this great goal achieved.

Exchange of faiths

The moment of exchange of faiths is perhaps the most exciting moment after entering the Church . Usually children are asked to wear wedding rings on a pad, which makes the moment even more suggestive and exciting. Then, in turn, the pastor will ask the spouses to recite their votes after blessing the faiths that will be placed at the left ring finger .

Blessing of the spouses

In the solemn moment of the blessing, the parish priest invites the spouses to kneel and, resting their hands on their head, will proceed with the wedding blessing . If you have decided to color the sole of the shoes with a phrase to dedicate to the bride, then go ahead: this is the time to point it out. The religious part of the celebration ends with the final blessing aimed at the whole the audience of the faithful. At this point the guests are free to go out and wait for the bride and groom to go out for good wishes or stay in the Church where, in a dedicated corner, we will proceed to the signing of deeds and registers . < / p>

Solemn release

At this point you have become husband and wife and you are ready to cross the threshold of the Church going out, hand in hand, happy as a bride and groom. This is a very beautiful moment, in which all guests look forward to the newlyweds leaving the Church for the launch of the rice, to wish the spouses good wishes, and to rejoice with them for this wonderful beginning of their life together.

Religious marriage is a truly emotional moment for those who choose it. We hope, with the story of these few steps, to have convinced the skeptics with the prospect of a moving and special moment.

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