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Wedding bag, a nice bag to give to your guests

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An original and very useful idea in a wedding is to give your guests a wedding bag. It is a small bag with various objects that can be used during the event and can also be kept as a souvenir of the happy event. Many, in fact, are those who decide to personalize them not only on the contents. Such as? Find out in our article.

Wedding bag, the essential items to give to your guests

The wedding bag, is one of the latest fashions on weddings and adopted in recent years especially with regard to summer events. Inside it, different utility objects can be contained and in the case of a wedding organized in these hot months, it is also very simple to carry out. For example, small white fans can be made. More time to organize everything? So why not enrich the aforementioned fans with the initials of the spouses or guests. Other useful accessories for a wedding bag are:


  • Paper tissues. Much loved by guests who don’t always remember to stock up on them. They are very useful both to withstand the strong heat and in the event of sudden tears.

  • Cone of rice. Compared to the past, it is a good habit to provide the guests with the rice to be launched as a good omen. Moreover, we make sure that we can choose a quality product and that we do not stain the clothes of the spouses.

  • Church booklet. For a full participation in the romantic ceremony, it is a very appreciated gesture to be able to read in a booklet how it will be performed and passages and songs chosen personally by the spouses for this important anniversary .

    The wedding bags can also contain some nice gifts like candies with sugar or sweets for the youngest guests.

    Nice gifts to put in a wedding bag

    The wedding bags are the result of an American fashion and a strong figure like the wedding planner, who takes care of every aspect of the wedding in detail. In Italy, they have taken on an important role especially in summer weddings. Very welcome, as a kind of courtesy kit to give to women or younger guests.

    In addition to the classic contents just analyzed such as paper towels, rice cones and white fans, in fact, it is also possible to provide other nice gifts such as:


    • Salvatacchi. Women and heels are an inevitable relationship in a marriage and which courtesy set can be more welcome than an emergency save heel?

    • Soap bubbles . To be able to create at the exit of the bride and groom from the church or during the reception, they are among the most loved as attention to keep even the smallest guests invited to the wedding.

    • Coloring books and candies . Once again thoughts for the little ones and to be able to dedicate themselves to the best to celebrate their spouses, with children busy playing with small and nice gifts present in the wedding bag.

    • Obviously this solution can also be adapted in winter weddings, replacing more specific products such as the fan with solutions for the colder climate. An example may be a pashmina for guests or chocolates. After all, the winter period is best suited for this type of sweets, not suitable for warmer times of the year.

      How to customize a wedding bag and when to deliver it to its guests

      Finally, the wedding bag can be personalized by inserting inside it, gifts like fans with the initials of the guests or placeholders always with the initials or the names of the guests. These solutions are quite simple to prepare and require only a small advance compared to more common accessories such as handkerchiefs and rice cone.

      As far as distribution is concerned, it is good practice to entrust them to the bridesmaids and ask them to deliver them to the church upon entering the various guests or to set up a special table at the entrance of the church. This last case is also useful where more versions of the wedding bag are provided.

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