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Wedding invitations, from the most used invitations to the style to be adopted

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Between the most important traditions to respect in a marriage to the south , there is that of the hand-delivery of the wedding participations. The same must take place at least a few months before the wedding and indicate useful information on the address and on the spouses’ mobile phone for immediate availability. But how to write the best investments to avoid mistakes? Here is a useful guide to this.

Wedding invitations and invitations most often used to invite guests

Wedding invitations are very important for the successful organization of the wedding and can be divided into three categories:


  • Invitation for the ceremony . Participation is for those who want to invite their guests only in church or for those who are not able to participate in the reception but still want to be present on the most important day of the couple.

  • Invitation for the reception. A second type of participation for those unable to attend the church ceremony and still want to be an active part of the next reception.

  • Invitation for the cake . In recent years, another tradition is also in vogue, which provides for the invitation to participate directly in the cutting of the cake.

  • Then there is the complete participation or the classic one, which includes the invitation to the whole event: from the ceremony to the reception and up to the cutting of the cake. Carefully filling in one of the described methods of participation will help its guests to know in detail how the wedding and the event they will attend will be organized.

    What wedding invitations must contain for good marriage organization

    The content of the wedding invitations is also essential for the success of the wedding organization. In the event that you opt for a participation only in the church or at the reception or only for the cutting of the cake, for example, only specific information with respect to the event to which participation is requested should be entered.

    It is in bad taste to create a single participation and enter all the data if you wish to invite your guests at specific moments of the wedding. Furthermore, according to the etiquette, the following information should always be reported:


    • Name of the groom and bride.

    • The announcement of the marriage with the date and time of the church and its address in which it is placed.

    • Address of groom and bride , to allow guests to send a gift before a wedding and avoid confusion during the reception. It is also good practice to include the numbers of the spouses’ mobile phones for immediate availability.

    • The address of the reception with details on the name of the restaurant where the festivities will continue.

    • Very important, as content within the participation, of the sentence “Confirmation is appreciated” . This ensures that the spouses can receive the number of guests to be communicated to the restaurant in time. However, where this confirmation does not take place, it is possible for the same spouses to contact all the guests who have received the participation two or three weeks before the wedding and ask for feedback on their presence.

      The style of participations, from the classic sea theme to a sweet background of the spouses

      From content to styles, it is also important to choose the best design for your wedding invitations. The same, generally, take up the theme used for the wedding. That is to say that if you have decided to organize a sea theme or travel-themed wedding , also the relative participations will follow a similar design. No life, to personalize wedding invitations based on the period of the year, opting for solutions with floral motifs in spring or summer.

      Also very clear and essential styles are used, for example on a simple card in which to insert all the information previously seen or of personalized participations. In this case, it is one of the last fashions in terms of marriage with a nice caricature of the spouses or a photo maybe taken in the preview as a cover. Inside, however, the same rules on content always apply, with details on the addresses of the spouses and place of the church and / or restaurant.

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