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Wedding dress, mermaid or princess, how to choose it on your own?

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The ateliers, are among the precious allies of a bride for the choice of the dress and in a recent article of ours that you can read here: Atelier in Campania, how to choose the best for your wedding dress , you can consult the best known ones in the area. But they are not enough, in this very important choice, in fact, it is also to evaluate the forms of the bride and the line that best matches the same.

The shape of the bride for choosing the best wedding dress

Leaving aside the fact that the priority on everything must be the proof of the dress in the atelier and with a choice that makes the bride feel immediately that she has found the right model, it is possible to distinguish the shape of the woman in different and simple types.

Surely you have heard of the classic pear shape that is with fairly narrow shoulders and slightly pronounced hips. Well, this type is the one that is best suited to be chosen for a princess dress. It presents, with a voluminous effect of the skirt and a bodice that can be personalized with a slight V-neckline, where there is a large breast, or in the shape of a heart for an elegant tone.

On the other hand, a apple figure or curves over the whole silhouette or an hourglass with a thinner waist and breasts that are a bit abundant, are among the forms that are most suitable for a mermaid model.

It is then necessary to evaluate the height, considering linear clothes and skirts that are not too bulky on a small stature. In the case of a good height, however, it is good practice not to wear high heels. These, in fact, could ruin the linearity of the bridal gown or compromise one’s posture in wearing a dress that is as important as the bridal gown.

Mermaid wedding dress, when choosing it and how to enhance it even in case of a lower height

A mermaid dress is very popular among the first proposals of a bride’s ateliers. It is a line that emphasizes its forms. Suitable, especially for those with a well-balanced body on the hips and breasts. It is also suitable, for those with good height, as it tends to create a more slender figure that follows the shape of the dress to the letter. Obviously nothing prevents you from wearing this particular line in the case of a lower height, relying on the use of heels. Moreover, we are talking about one of the most popular models and used with a fabric like lace, which many brides hardly resist.

In the case of a more prosperous breast, moreover, a mermaid dress , is considered the top. It allows the bride to maintain a sensual style but still elegant and sober in the church and during the ceremony. However, it is advisable to try them in your own atelier. Important, also ask for the opinion of the same with respect to the selected model and if it is the case to opt for any changes or if to change completely model.

Princess wedding dress, the model suitable for all seasons and easier to customize

Another very popular line in the atelier is the princess wedding dress. More flexible in terms of adaptability to the woman’s body and in terms of changes that can be made to customize it, it presents several points in its favor for the choice. First of all, it is more voluminous thanks to the skirts below the dress, while the elegance and the posture are however assured by a tight-fitting bodice.

Flexibility also on the different types of fabrics that you can choose as tulle or organza. Alternatively, you can opt for lace and rhinestone details. Among other things, this model can be used at any time of the year. And, based on your needs, you can opt for models with sleeves or add a shawl if you prefer a sleeve-free model. Even the voluminous effect can be adapted as required. Such as? By inserting a wider skirt to create the effect of the train or to overlap multiple layers of fabric to create a princess cloud shape.

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