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The most important traditions to respect in a marriage in the south

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In a wedding in the south, traditions can be found of all kinds and can cover formal aspects such as hand-over-hand submissions or more fun aspects. In this regard, there are nice rites that mostly concern the bride. Among the best known, wear something blue and the famous launch of the bouquet to single women. There are also traditions of the groom, such as the serenade and the throwing of the garter.

Marriage in the south, the importance of delivering hand-held announcements

The traditions par excellence of a marriage in the south, start from the moment the date is set. If on the one hand an informal announcement is welcome as soon as the period is decided and by virtue of an organization that requires even a year and a half, it is inevitable to respect the rite of delivery of participations. In the south, it is expected that the same must be delivered by hand by the spouses themselves and if not possible, to send the same by mail.

Furthermore, the spouses must indicate their addresses within the aforementioned participations. The reason? Give a willingness to the guests who wish to go to the couple’s home to offer gifts or to anticipate the delivery of the classic envelopes with money inside. This practice is typically performed at least a month before the wedding. It is a tradition that also allows for greater involvement between guests and spouses.

The groom’s serenade among the most famous southern traditions

Even the groom has a very important role in a wedding in the south, very famous traditions like the serenade, they cannot miss for a happy event. What is it about? In this article from the name Neapolitan serenade, an unfailing tradition to celebrate the spouses , you will be able to discover everything about that sweet southern tradition.

We can anticipate you, that it is a real promise of love performed by the groom a few days before the wedding, with the presence of a singer and a guitarist under the bride’s balcony. Various pieces are performed in honor of the same and with the delivery of a rose to your loved one who will then invite all the participants at home for a little refreshment. As you can easily imagine, only the bride does not know when this serenade will be performed. In fact, the participation of all the dearest friends and of his family is indispensable, for a perfect organization of this pleasant tradition of a marriage in the south.

Other nice traditions of a marriage in the south

In a marriage in the south, traditions are also found by the bride. Many of these rituals concern objects to be worn as:


  • Something blue.

  • A loaned object.

  • Something a gift.

  • A new and an old object.

  • Moreover, it is very important that the bride does not see the groom before the wedding. Other nice southern traditions concern the delivery of the bouquet by her mother-in-law and the exit from the building under her arm with her father . In this case, in fact, it is a good omen to throw petals and a broken plate in front of the bride’s feet. After the ceremony, another important tradition concerns both spouses. The bride, will have the task of throwing the bouquet to unmarried women, whoever takes the same according to the southern tradition gets married within the year. The groom, on the other hand, throws the bride’s garter to the unmarried men and whoever picks it up will marry within the year.

    And after the wedding in the south, are there any nice traditions? Of course, they concern entry into the house . The parents of the bride and groom, always as a sign of good luck, carry out the first shopping and the mother of the bride, she also takes care of the preparation of the bed.

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