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Bridal makeup, how to choose the best image for the most beautiful day

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On a day as important as marriage, the bride is at the center of attention and her makeup must be impeccable. On the one hand a natural look with products that do not make the face too heavy and on the other hand, an image enhanced thanks to make-up professionals better known as make-up artists.

Try make-up, pay attention to request for possible further proofs

You will often have heard of the bridal makeup test, or one or more meetings scheduled with the beautician a few months before the wedding. It is one of the most important moments to define one’s own image on the wedding day, since makeup tests are performed by applying different products on the skin and to try to identify everything that can enhance the face of the bride but without weighing it down with too showy make-up.

In general, the make-up test is free, but this aspect should be agreed upon already in the estimate phase. Furthermore, it is necessary to request at this stage the possibility of adding a further proof, in case you want to compare more alternatives on the make-up or why not, to request that on the day of the wedding the make-up can also be extended to the mother.

Tips for a perfect bridal makeup test

Booking the makeup test well in advance is essential and allows you to contact only the best make-up artists. At the same time, it allows you to carefully define details, one or more tests to choose the perfect make for the most beautiful day. Once the professional has been chosen, it is also useful to follow a few tricks for a make-up trial that is as realistic as possible for the one that will be applied for the marriage:


  • Dressing in white. It is important to take care of even the smallest details. Presenting yourself, already dressed in white by the make-up artist, allows you to have a much clearer idea of ​​the shades to use and match them best on the wedding dress.

  • Consult magazines. Relying on the makeup artist’s experience, is the watchword to aim for the best result, but also to propose your own ideas on a makeup seen in a magazine, can help in create a personal look.

  • Collected hair. If you do not already have an idea of ​​how your hair will look, it is best to show up with your hair back. In this way you will have greater freedom in trying out the various tricks and also getting suggestions for the next phase of choosing the bridal hairstyle.

  • It can also be useful, where you suffer from a particular allergy, to ask the make-up artist to use your products. The same can be used, even if you prefer a specific shade of eye shadow or lipstick already applied in everyday life.

    Enhancing the look and the lips on the most beautiful day

    The look is one of the most delicate points of the makeup test and concerns the choice of products that can enhance the look. Many brides, in this regard, opt for the application of false eyelashes . For mascara, however, the choice of waterproof products or those that can withstand tears is a priority!

    Not least, it is to consider the choice of lipstick shades. Light shades, are those to be preferred, such as nude for a more natural effect and of course a product that has a long life. However, it is advisable to bring along the lipstick chosen for any last-minute touch-ups or even to apply it again after the wedding dinner.

    Finally, after completing the make-up test, it can be useful to take photos to always have the details of your choice with you. Let yourself be accompanied by your mother or friends, another useful solution for further advice on perfect make-up and an impeccable makeup test to be the most beautiful on the wedding day.

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