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Wedding dress, little secrets to keep it after use

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The choice of a wedding dress is one of the most exciting moments for women. From mermaid models to princess ones, choosing it is not always easy. And keep it? This is also a very important point, since it is a matter of preserving a precious memory over time and why not, being able to give it to a dearer friend to wear it again.

Carefully choose the atelier for a quality product that is easy to preserve

We suggest you read this article by the name wedding dress test, like get to this magical moment you prepare. In this way, you will have a first idea of ​​how to proceed with its purchase and in the presence of the right company to evaluate the wedding dress.

This phase is also very important for proper conservation after marriage. Why? Only the best ateliers present, quality products and with a fabric for the preparation of the dress that can withstand the various moments of the day and come back as new after a thorough cleaning. In this case, it can be useful to read up on the internet and learn about the opinions of other brides on the chosen workshop. Also, be wary of too low a dress price compared to the average present in other ateliers. This is because, precisely the low price, could hide a bad quality of the material and such that it is not easy to keep after the happy event.

Little secrets for properly preserving the wedding dress

One of the little secrets to keep the bridal gown at its best, as we have just seen, is the choice of a quality product on the fabric used and on the good name of the atelier that makes it. However, it is not the only one to keep in mind to keep one of the most important symbols of marriage. In this regard, here are other little secrets to follow carefully:


  • Don’t wait long to clean up . The departure for the honeymoon is certainly imminent and perhaps you have little time to dedicate yourself to this phase. But not providing a proper wash after the wedding could create more difficulties for a better preservation of the dress. It could be useful to delegate this task to some trusted person and wash it the next day already.

  • Go to a trusted laundry. After all, this is an important and very delicate dress. This requires relying on trusted professionals to perform a proper wash. In addition, the laundry also handles ironing and this ensures that the wedding dress will immediately return to its original shape.

  • Keep the dress in a suitable space. From the case perhaps supplied by the same atelier of wedding dresses to a fairly large box, the important thing is that the dress can be kept with a proper space.

    It is also important that the wedding dress is placed in a slightly humid environment and with a good change of air.

    Keep the wedding dress, attentive to stains and post-reception

    Even the wedding day is very important for the proper preservation of the dress. The secret? Fully enjoy that day and don’t worry about dirtying your dress. Moreover, it is your day and a good wash with a trusted laundry, plays a fundamental role for a correct conservation. However, where there are spots, for example, during lunch, some precautions are to be followed such as:


    • Avoid removing stains with colored napkins or wet napkins. The wedding dress is very delicate and only a white fabric, it can be used to slightly remove these spots.

    • Once the ceremony is over, place the dress very gently . It is necessary to avoid bending the fabric too much or putting the dress back in without applying a small protection.

    • Finally, be careful not to put the wedding dress in vacuum-packed solutions or to use do-it-yourself washes, which could ruin the fabric!

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