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Music and wedding entertainment, how not to be reduced to the last minute

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Music and animation at a wedding are very important and can make the most important day of your life truly unique. Nothing must be left to improvisation and, at least a few months in advance, it is necessary to contact the relevant suppliers to define the details and book specific services.

How and when to organize music and animation at the wedding

Often these two aspects are organized at the last minute, since the attention of the spouses is in most cases projected on bureaucratic aspects to be defined for marriage or on more demanding details such as choosing and rehearsing clothes.

On the contrary, aspects such as wedding music and animation are very important to organize and if booked well in advance, they allow you to get lots of fun ideas to animate the happy event. The same, in fact, offer specific packages in this regard and which may contain:


  • A dj . He intervenes towards the end of the marriage, to create a more rhythmic atmosphere at the party and to further involve the guests at the party. It is a advisable choice, especially if many young people are present.

  • Classical musicians. Completely opposed to that of the DJ and generally chosen, to create a more relaxing atmosphere within the marriage.

  • There is no lack of spouses, who prefer to choose singers with more repertoires and evaluate with them the various moments of the party in which to insert Italian and international music or group dances.

    From the authorization of the location to the fixed budget

    Whatever the decision regarding the animation and the music of the wedding, it is important not only to start well in advance to book these services. In fact, it is also essential to request authorization for the location. In other cases, the same locations provide the lists of staff involved in animation and music.

    The advantages? Being able to save time on the aforementioned search with proposals already tested on location and at the same time being able to obtain a small saving on the budget, since agreements with the location are often provided. Alternatively, you can set a budget and compare the various professionals online to choose the best, but without neglecting the economic aspect.

    Some small and useful ideas on the type of wedding music

    Advance booking of the aforementioned services is also useful for regulating another important aspect of music for marriage. In this regard, the SIAE rights are due for all the music that will be performed at the reception.

    This aspect is therefore to be defined in the choice of suppliers and the cost which includes or not the payment of these rights or if the procedure must be started directly by the spouses. Once the various organizational aspects have been defined, here are some small and useful ideas on the type of music to request at your reception:


    • Wedding March. When the bride and groom arrive at the restaurant to mark the beginning of the party with their guests.

    • Canosi sposi. The first dance as a husband and wife, is among the most anticipated and generally concerns a personal moment of the spouses with the choice of their favorite song.

    • Cut of the cake. Very sweet in recent years, a sweet accompaniment with the sax.

    • Animation, on the other hand, does not always include specific moments such as marriage music, but can be left to improvisation. Depending on the various moments of the reception, you can decide to break the classical Italian and international music with group dances. Or even to provide different dances in addition to the first of the spouses with mom and dad, Not the least, the animation of a reception, must not neglect even the smallest. In this regard, magic services or small shows can be chosen to entertain and entertain the children present at the restaurant.

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