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Groom dress, etiquette, fashion 2019 and useful tips for choosing

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Even if the attention is often paid above all to the bride and to the delicate choice of the dress among the many white models present in the most beautiful ateliers, it is also worth noting the figure of the groom. In this regard, in fact, there is a precise etiquette with respect to the type of dress to choose and different, are the fashions that are emerging in this 2019 on the groom suit.

Etiquette for a first guide to choosing the groom suit

The etiquette is very important when it comes to marriage and finds several elements that can guide the groom in choosing his suit. First of all, it is to be considered when the ceremony begins, opting for a more casual dress, in the event that the same takes place in the morning.

Conversely, in the case of an evening wedding, it is a good habit to opt for a more formal dress such as a tuxedo. And for the colors? As for the bride for whom the white color is pleasing, precise colors are also provided for the groom. In this case, however, there is more freedom than dark shades like blue or gray . Inevitable, the white shirt to combine with an elegant tie.

Fashions of 2019 on the groom suit, confirmed the classic style with three pieces

And the fashion of 2019 compared to the most requested groom suits? It should immediately be specified that also this year, a classic style is confirmed with the typical three-piece suit and dark color (blue or gray). The model in question is composed, as the word itself says, of three pieces, namely a jacket, trousers and vest of the same fabric.

It allows, to maintain a certain elegance in the various moments of the day and to the groom, to be able to decide during the reception to remove the jacket and remain alone with the vest, preserving a certain elegance. The colors that are most popular in these models are blue and gray. The first color, in fact, is quite versatile and easy to combine even with the white shirt and tie. The second color, is especially useful for a more casual wedding and where you want to opt for a lighter fabric in case of celebration in the hottest periods of the year.

Advice on how to choose the right groom suit, such as timing and types of fabrics

Clarified the first information on what the etiquette says and the fashions that are emerging in this 2019, here are also some useful tips on how to best execute this choice:

  • Timing . While the choice may take less time than the bride’s dress, it is still necessary to respect a good timing. This, to give the possibility to carry out any retouches based on one’s own measurements or if they should change. It is advisable to leave at least 3 months before the wedding.

  • Season . Also the period in which the marriage takes place can be decisive for the choice of the dress. In the event that the same is done in Autumn or Winter, for example, it may be useful to choose heavier fabrics such as wool or silk. Conversely, in warmer seasons like Spring or Summer, it is good to opt for lighter fabrics.

  • Shirt. It is a detail that should not be overlooked and that contributes to giving elegance to the whole dress of the groom. Generally, you choose white and choose a light fabric. Very useful, think of making a tailored shirt, in order to obtain a model that can be adapted to your measurements.

  • Attention should also be paid to small details like the accessories for the groom dress . Black shoes and well polished in the first position, followed by the boutonierre coordinated with the flowers chosen by the bride for the bouquet and for the composition in the church.

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