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Location wedding Campania, here is the top5 of the most beautiful

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In one of the recent articles with the name wedding location, what to evaluate for the best choice , important aspects of this magical moment have been explored. Well, we have decided to take up this subject again by observing other relevant dynamics and with a special classification of the 5 most beautiful wedding locations in the Campania Region.

Wedding location, how to choose the most beautiful locations in Campania

Before getting to the heart of the most beautiful wedding locations in the Campania Region, it is good to have clear ideas about the main types of locations. In general, this choice passes through three different options such as restaurant, holiday farms and villas or castles , present, among other things, also in our special ranking. The restaurant is an option that never sets and sees many locations in the region equipped for the happy event. They are to be preferred, especially when looking for a more intimate marriage with a small number of guests. On the other hand, the two options of holiday farms and villas or castles find a wide choice if there are more guests and you want to live both indoor and outdoor spaces more.

For the menu, present in the three options, the chosen place can play a particular and pleasant difference. Sea resorts, in fact, will prefer more a menu based on this type of dishes. A more mountain location, on the other hand, could offer more artisan products, especially on dairy products and cold cuts.

Here are the top locations of the Top5 restaurants for a more intimate wedding

Well now that we have a first idea of ​​the three types of wedding locations, namely restaurant, agriturismo and villas or castles, we can move on to unveil the top 5 of the most beautiful ones in our beautiful region. Among the very first places and falling into the Restaurant category, the San Francesco al monte hotel in the center of Naples.

An excellent location on Corso Vittorio Emanuele makes this location very easy to reach. And with a structure, which allows a classic organization of the marriage with ancient covered terraces and a garden with a swimming pool to enhance the moment of cutting the cake. Inside, there is an ancient refectory in which it will be possible to taste the dishes chosen for the wedding and at the same time enjoy the splendid view of Naples. In fact, from the structure there is a high and complete view of the Gulf. The advantages? Being able to create fantastic photos of the spouses in collaboration with the photographer within the same wedding location.

Another interesting location always in the city and in the restaurant option, is the Land of the orange trees . In this case, the structure is located between the Vomero and Posillipo and as it is easy to guess from the name, it is famous above all for its outside spaces with orange trees. Different, the interior rooms that you can use for the wedding and that have more intimate styles or large spaces to accommodate any type of event.

Top5 wedding location, the most beautiful options for holiday farms, villas and castles

In the top5 of the most beautiful Campane locations, a category that in this period is much sought after, that is the agritourism, could not be missing. For this category, we have chosen a location in the splendid Massa Lubrense or the Fattoria Terranova Farmhouse. Its strong point is the restaurant and with presentations of the best dishes of the local tradition. There is also a park with seasonal flowers that can be adapted for an outdoor wedding lunch. Ideal, therefore, to set a typical country chic wedding in the Sorrento setting.

For the last category of Villas and Castles, instead, we compared two beautiful and romantic structures in Naples and Vico Equense. The first is Villa Diamante on the Posillipo hill . An optimal choice, for those who need a great location and that has not only a very large internal room. The Villa, in fact, is also famous for its gardens and for a magical background for the photos of the spouses within the same location. The second is the Giusso Castle of Vico Equense. From the splendid view of the Gulf of Naples, the structure lends itself mainly to hosting a wedding with a greater number of guests. Its strong point is the large dining room, but the outdoor spaces with a panoramic terrace are also not far behind, where you can organize the buffet in good weather.

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