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Rice launch and nice alternatives for the exit of the spouses

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It is one of the funniest and sweetest moments after the exciting church ceremony, the rice throwing follows an old tradition of good luck to the spouses. With this ritual, in fact, he wishes abundance and fertility to the new couple, as well as being a moment in which it will finally be possible to interact with the spouses and give our special wishes.

The tradition of throwing rice and small and sweet variations to be launched to the spouses

An ancient tradition, that of throwing rice at the exit of the bride and groom from the church and which marks the beginning of all the celebrations for the new couple starting from the exciting ceremony until the reception. It is also among the most fascinating photos of a wedding, since it takes natural moments of the spouses and their happiness just a few minutes from the yes.

Furthermore, compared to the past, there is also a greater organization that sees this moment among the most enjoyable after the church ceremony. Why? For the many variants currently on the market very simple to find and that can make this sweet tradition much more original. Rice always remains the main protagonist, but with very original alternatives such as colored rice or rice throwing combined with small flowers or confetti.

The most popular alternatives in 2019 to the launch of rice

Witnesses or close friends usually have this fun task of preparing rice throwing. If a wedding planner is present, it is useful to coordinate with the latter to leave nothing to chance. Being a wedding expert, she will know how to advise on the latest trends of 2019 and create a magical and always auspicious moment for the bride and groom’s exit. What are the most popular rice alternatives in this regard? For example, tubes shoot confetti or simple sachets containing confetti of various colors and shapes. It is a very original way to give a touch of color and joy when the bride and groom leave the church. Other nice alternatives to rice in great demand for this 2019 are:

Soap bubbles. Very original also to involve the little ones, it creates a very original effect on the spouses and also a beautiful background on the first photos coming out of the church.
Balloons. Also in this case the choice of a good wish is married to the spouses, with a touch of color and a very nice choreographic effect around the spouses.
Flower petals. A symbol very similar to flowers, but more delicate when the bride and groom leave the church. In this case, you can also opt for the flowers chosen for the wedding by the spouses or for the bridal bouquet.
The launch of a dove by the spouses themselves is in great demand for this 2019 as an alternative to rice. In this case, a basket is opened in which the doves are placed, which are always gently thrown as a sign of good luck.

A classic like rice throwing, how to respect tradition with a touch of originality

For the more traditionalists, the classic rice throwing remains, opting for nice and practical solutions that can also be proposed by the same florist of the wedding. For example, some nice bags at the entrance to the church (which the guests can keep as a souvenir) or original cones of bear. Attention, also to the type of rice to be used for the launch and to prevent spouses’ clothes from getting stained.

Parboiled is one of the most used because it is starch-free, the most dangerous in leaving annoying stains especially on the groom’s suit. However, there is no lack of solutions offered by the same florists or on the most common e-commerce channels, of laundered and already starch-free rice! Or even colored rice to combine a more classic auspicious tradition with a touch of color.

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