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Location wedding, what to evaluate for the best choice?

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Remember our article on the < strong> entry into the church from the rules of etiquette to the most beautiful naves of Naples ? Well, this is one of the most important steps for choosing the place where the ceremony will take place. The next step is to evaluate the location where the celebrations will take place. Starting well in advance, or at least a year before, is very useful to be able to organize everything to the fullest.

What are the types of locations you can choose for a wedding

The wedding location is a central point of the whole organization and in addition to a first booking well in advance, it provides a series of warnings to follow. Word of mouth from friends and relatives who have already used the structure can make the difference but also the web search for useful reviews by other spouses is not to be underestimated. Many, the sites that address precisely these topics and that also allow you to virtually know the wide offer of the best restaurants in the Campania region. This option is also useful for understanding the type of location to choose from with options such as:

  • Restaurant . It is the main choice adopted by many spouses and provides the possibility to choose between more rooms based also on the number of their guests. Ideal especially for those who do not have a large number of guests and want to create a more informal and intimate environment.

  • Agritourisms. They are the most accessible solutions in terms of costs and for those who love a simpler wedding and surrounded by nature. However, the distance to the church must be assessed by eliminating this solution if it is too excessive.

  • Villas or castles . They are in great demand and suitable where there is a large number of guests or even if you want to organize even outdoor events such as cutting the cake.

  • Not to mention that there are locations that allow you to make the most of an external or internal space based on the period of the year. Which is why the choice of location can also depend on the month chosen to celebrate the wedding.

    Common questions to ask for choosing the best wedding location

    In a first online search, there will be many lists of locations that our Region presents. It is unthinkable to visit them all, so the advice is to create a small list with respect to the type chosen among restaurants, farmhouses, villas or castles and to the area. Then book your first appointments to get an idea of ​​what the location really has to offer. What questions to ask in order not to be caught unprepared? Here are some of the most common:


    • Does the price of the location include VAT and any rental costs? This last cost is common, especially if you opt for villas and book the event exclusively.

    • Is there a guest parking lot ? This point is very important especially where there is a strong participation in the reception.

    • What are the services included in the total cost of the reception ? Very useful point to know from the first approaches with the location, to understand if elements such as set-ups, cake and music are already included or it is necessary to use other suppliers.

    • In this phase, moreover, it is good practice to ask if all the reception will be done indoors or outdoors and if specific spaces are provided in case of bad weather.

      Food and catering, what should not be missing in a good wedding location

      Food and catering obviously deserve more attention in choosing the location. Many of them, recommend example menus for a first idea on what the reception will be, but there are also professionals who allow you to immediately customize the menu based also on the preference of the spouses. What absolutely must not miss? Here is a small list of the inevitable things for a good location:


      • Welcome aperitif. Waiting for the couple and also for a little refreshment after the exciting ceremony in the church, it is good practice to offer a welcome drink to the guests. It will be followed by a toast of good luck to the newlyweds.

      • Menu with the indication of all the courses of the reception . In general, if it is a lunch, this menu should be wider. Furthermore, alternatives must not be missing if one or more dishes are not appreciated by a guest.

      • Dessert buffet and corner for cutting the cake . Generally outside the reception room, a ded corner is placed

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