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Bridesmaids brides, who they are and how to choose them for the most important day

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Most important and indispensable figures of a wedding, the bridesmaids, are chosen among the people most dear to the bride to accompany her and share all the preparations for the most beautiful day. There are also those who decide to entrust this task to girls (generally chosen among grandchildren or dear cousins) with a small procession to open and accompany the bride during the photos or in the most important moments of the ceremony, leaving the role of discreet support to witnesses.

Who are the bridesmaids and what role do they play during the marriage

A dear friend or sister, they are the typical people chosen as bridesmaids. A role, which above all abroad, is characterized by the presence of one or more people dressed in the same color and present at the bride’s side to support her during the most beautiful day. Even in Italy, it is a tradition that is firm and often very similar to that of the witness.

Moreover, these are people who have a strong trust on the part of the bride. The latter will accompany the same during all the various commitments that precede the marriage. Central role of the bridesmaids , also during the celebration in the church and with an entrance that takes place at the opening of the wedding procession and before the entrance of the spouses. Not to mention, which is the maid who has the task of arranging the train and veil of the bride during the ceremony. Of vital importance, choose also a bridesmaid of honor who has the task of supporting the bride during the reception, arranging the dress or guarding the bouquet when not in the bride’s hand.

Etiquette of the bridesmaid, from the dress to the care of the bride

The bride’s bridesmaid is required to abide by a set of etiquette rules once this role is accepted. First of all the dress and the color, chosen strictly by the bride. In fact, it is no coincidence that where there are more damsels, a common color prevails, such as pink or light shades. In the ceremony, they have the central role of opening the bridal procession according to a provision that includes:


  • One entry in a row at a time, where there are fewer than 3 bridesmaids.

  • To go in pairs with slow steps and in front of the bride, in case their number is even.

  • The entry of only one damsel followed by the others in pairs, when their number is odd.

  • In the preparations, instead, the role is mostly a counselor for the choice and the test of the dress. Also useful for assessing the hairstyle, make-up and all those little moments of stress that can precede the wedding day. In many cases, moreover, they also organize nice moments of leisure for the bride, such as the bachelorette party. It is advisable to choose a number no greater than 8 and entrust the task of maid of honor to one.

    Bridesmaids girls, when they are chosen and what tasks they carry out

    If in recent years, it is customary to choose adult bridesmaids to have support during the marriage and to be able to count on greater management during the marriage in the choice of the dress or everything that precedes the preparations, there are also choices about the girls to play this important task. In general, a choice is made between granddaughters or cousins ​​aged between 3 and 10 years. The dress of the little bridesmaid is always chosen by the bride and is generally present both during the execution of the photo shoot and at the entrance. In this case, it is very common for the damsel to enter before the bride and groom with a small bouquet. It can also distribute petals before the couple passes or be flanked by a small page.

    Compared to an adult figure, it is important to entrust the aforementioned role as a game and not to load it with too many tasks. Moreover, the witnesses will take care of the more specific aspects of the organization of the marriage, with a more discreet role to support the spouses but still important and like the bridesmaids.

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