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Nail brides, how to enhance them for the wedding and fashions of 2019

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How to get impeccable on the wedding day? Putting personal care first and carefully fixing the main appointments for a better one body enhancement. A special place to program manicures and pedicures with some useful tips on 2019 fashions.

How to enhance your hands with small everyday gestures before marriage

A beauty center is certainly a good starting point for ideas and advice on how to make the most of one’s hands and choose the trendiest nail polish for 2019. However, before delving into this topic, here are some tips on how to take care of them and encourage a even more perfect work by the beautician. These are small daily gestures that can be performed every week and that concern:


  • Application of a reinforcing enamel to make nails stronger and more resistant. It is a very important aspect for the application of the nail polish chosen for the wedding day.

  • File the nails and soften the cuticles with creams and oil. It is useful, to outline a first form of the nails and for a more cured skin over time.

  • Apply creams on your hands with ingredients that are natural and delicate. In addition, on the nails, it is useful to apply oil to favor greater hydration and prevent them from breaking.

  • It can be useful, even more frequently, to use rubber gloves to protect your hands during house cleaning or any manual work.

    Colors and shapes most requested by brides for manicure and pedicure

    These small tricks are very useful for having well-groomed hands and can greatly encourage work with the beautician. The latter, in fact, may pay more attention to the aesthetic phase and help the bride shape the shape of the nails and the color of the enamel. In this case, some tests in the weeks leading up to the wedding can help you choose the most suitable color based on the bride’s dress. In particular, it is to be chosen for neutral colors such as transparent white and light pink , especially if you opt for the classic white wedding dress. The same color must also be applied to the toenails, both in the case in which open shoes are worn and if closed shoes are worn. A professional figure like the beautician, will be able to help the bride even in choosing the most elegant form to give to the nails as:


    • Oval. It is the most used one because it is very simple to make. In practice, we work on the upper part of the nails creating a more rounded shape. Furthermore, they can be made for all hands even for brides who have a larger shape.

    • Almond-shaped . It is a form which, as the word itself says, is very similar to almond or with a wider base and a slightly rounded style on the upper part of the nails.

    • Square . Straight and slightly squared lines characterize the prevailing shape that is given to the nails. Very useful especially if you also want to make nail art or small decorations on your nails.

    • Furthermore, for all three options, an average length that is not too long and easier to model based on the chosen style should be considered.

      The latest fashions of 2019 on bridal manicure and pedicure

      Do you get married in 2019? Then here for you a collection on the latest fashions of 2019 on manicure and pedicure for the bride. It’s called French manicure, and it’s a very simple style adopted by many brides for several years. In practice, a natural effect is created on the nails with light colors and with a small point of light on the ring finger where the faith will be worn. Fashionable for this 2019 also the milk-colored nails, which completely cover the nails with a not too heavy white color. Alternatively, a pale pink for a delicate touch of color on very elegant nails.

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