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Neapolitan traditions, from the most favorable days to the most fortunate objects

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A marriage is not only the happy union of two spouses, but also a set of beautiful and nice traditions, to be respected to wish the best for a new life together. Mothers and grandmothers, are the main holders of these traditions and will help and advise you in following the timeless ones of the Neapolitan traditions. We too at Giordano Corredi do not want to be outdone, with a small collection in this regard.

Most favorable day and month for contracting marriage

A first and nice Neapolitan tradition, concerns the period in which to fix the date of marriage. In fact, there are different bad luck both on the day and on the month to choose. On Wednesday, it is the most auspicious day for a wedding, followed by Monday (a day considered a good omen for health) and by Tuesday (a day considered benevolent for wealth). Negative days for a wedding are considered Friday and Saturday. The first is considered as a day of misfortune to celebrate this union, while the second is considered as an unlucky day.

And the month considered more favorable for a marriage according to the Neapolitan tradition? January is among the best and considered as a period that brings love and loyalty to the new couple. Also in April, it is a very favorable month for a wedding and a symbol of joy for the couple. Considered a bad omen, May is the Marian month dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Objects that bring much luck when worn by the bride

The list of objects that bring much luck if worn by the bride is better known than the day and the most favorable month for contracting marriage, on the part of the dear mothers and grandmothers. Moreover, these are Neapolitan traditions that often also mark a greater participation of the same in wishing their daughter / granddaughter eternal love.

First of all, it is to wear a new thing. In this case, many brides consider the dress itself to be a new thing to wear to respect superstition. Other things that bring good luck if you wear the wedding day according to the most popular traditions are:


  • To bring an old thing so as not to forget your past and take on the new event with your dear husband.

  • Receive something donated by a loved one.

  • Something loaned. A loved one lends an object dear to the bride to accompany her on the most important day of her life.

  • Wear a blue thing. Used to symbolize the purity of the bride. Many girls choose the garter to respect this tradition in an elegant way.

  • The garter, among other things, is also common in other European traditions as a sign of good luck. To date, the groom has the task of removing it and throwing it to one of the guests as a sign of good luck.

    Launch of the bouquet and choice of witnesses, unfailing traditions for marriage

    Unfailing traditions for marriage also concern the bouquet and the rings. I bouquet of flowers, from gift to bride to throw after the ceremony , it is a nice tradition that requires the mother-in-law to give it to her on the day of the wedding to honor the new entry into the family. At the end of the ceremony, however, she is obliged to launch it to the invited unmarried women to wish them marriage within the year. Recently, there is also a nice tradition that requires the bride to give the bouquet to a very loved person (sister or best friend).

    The faiths, are another nice tradition and in Naples, provides The figure of the ring’s appearing and the wedding witnesses as the choice of the spouses. Figures, very important to witness the new life of the same and to accompany them in the most important moments that will follow. Furthermore, faiths must never be worn before marriage.

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