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Wedding rings, useful tips on a better choice for the bride and groom

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Faiths are the most precious and loved object for spouses. In fact, they represent a univocal symbol of their love and commitment taken before the dearest people of the union before God. Donated by the ringleader or by the wedding witnesses, to date they are also chosen with the complicity of the spouses, for customize the ring of life based on the material used and the size.

Most beautiful traditions on marriage faiths for spouses

Even if to this day the spouses play an important role on the choice of the faiths, the important role of the appear in the ring or wedding witnesses . Figures, which are chosen by the spouses as points of reference for the future family (in general the figure in the ring is also the godfather of the first child) or again to guarantee the legality of the marriage.

The choice of one or the other figure is therefore a fundamental moment and an important stage in the Neapolitan tradition. However, there are also others related to the faiths that are well respected for good luck. Among the best known is that of do not wear the wedding rings for any reason before marriage. Obviously, this rule does not apply in the case of the jeweler’s trial, which is essential to evaluate the correct measurement on the finger and for any adjustments. In this case, moreover, it is advisable to start a few months in advance for the choice and the test of the faiths, to obtain the perfect jewel for the spouses. Another very important tradition is to place the tied wedding rings on a soft cushion for the blessing by the priest during mass.

Color and materials of the faiths, the timeless one in Gold

But the tradition par excellence of marriage, is on the color and the material used. Let’s talk about yellow gold wedding rings . However, exceptions such as wedding rings in platinum or white gold are also permitted. It is for this reason that, for today, for their purchase, one does not only think of the figure of the witness or even the presence of the spouses to choose the preferred model to witness their union for life before God. Moreover, there are brides who prefer to combine also the engagement ring, opting for wedding rings in white gold or spouses who decide to choose the same model and who will have to be modified only according to the measurements.

Then there is a third factor that is evaluated on this occasion, which concerns the maintenance of the faiths. Gold is a precious metal that deserves much care and that over time can lose its brilliance. For this reason, it is necessary to clean it periodically with a soft cloth or with a soft brush inside it and only a faith in Gold (with possibly some certifications that also test the carats) can keep its color unaltered.

The most chosen models for wedding rings, from the classic to the French one

From the material used up to the size to be chosen, the choice of faiths also passes for a further and important factor such as the model. In this regard, there are several and with very elegant styles for an object that will still be worn for life and which must also be comfortable on the finger and not too flashy. Among the most chosen models, there is the classic . His style is the one curved outside but smooth inside and with a height of about 4mm. Not large, it fits perfectly with the choice of a single model compatible with the hands of both spouses.

Then there is the Mantuan model, which despite being quite similar to the classic one, has a greater height. Generally a 6mm size is used. The choice, in this case, is very personal and can vary from spouses to spouses. There are also smaller models like the Francesina . About 3mm high, it is very thin and generally required especially by the bride who wants to wear the engagement ring on her finger.

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