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Wedding photographs, the top 5 of the best Neapolitan locations

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A very important aspect to take care of for an event that remains forever in the heart of the spouses is on the choice of wedding photographs. Many, the Neapolitan locations that you can choose in this regard and that make the memory of the event unique and inimitable over the years. In this column, we then compared all the most beautiful and created a special top 5 that you can use to take unique photos. There will also be top 5 of other beautiful locations in the Campania Region such as the Amalfi Coast or Pozzuoli for sweet alternatives in the upcoming events on our blog.

Choose the best Neapolitan locations by opting for the heart or for the view?

Before revealing the top 5 of the best Neapolitan locations , a precious tip for all spouses. The choice, in fact, can be addressed from the heart by opting for places that retrace the stages of the engagement. Even the view, to appreciate the many beauties present in our territory, is very popular. However, even letting yourself be guided by the photographer, can be a good choice to take magical moments of the wedding. In this case, in fact, we are talking about real experts in the field and who know how to best outline even more than one itinerary on Neapolitan beauty. An example? Retrace Saint Lucia with one of the most suggestive points of the Naples seafront and reach the Castel dell’Ovo to add to its memories, one of the most fascinating and ancient castles of the city.

Even the choice of the restaurant can be translated as a precious ally for taking photographs of the wedding. Many places, in fact, offer outdoor spaces and breathtaking views. Ideal for taking photos at sunset without having to hurry to do the whole photo shoot after the church celebration.

Top 5 of the most beautiful locations in Naples, from the Naples seafront to the Castel dell’Ovo

So are you ready to discover our top 5 most beautiful Neapolitan locations? We have already revealed two important positions. Saint Lucia and the Naples seafront , is a very popular destination for spouses both for romantic reasons (who has never walked at sunset by boyfriends?) and for logistical reasons. Very easy to reach, it allows you to create beautiful natural photos early in the morning. Very suggestive even in the late afternoon, as soon as you begin to see the first lights of the sunset.

Another very coveted destination already revealed in our top 5 is the Castel dellOvo . In this case, it is possible to choose to have some shots taken inside it (filling in a special form on the website of the Municipality of Naples and with more information also on the reservation). Alternatively, it is also possible to take suggestive photos outside, taking advantage of the beautiful natural light and the background of the sea and the castle to immortalize the memories of the spouses.

From Sant’Antonio to Posillipo to the Virgilian Park and to Piazza Plebiscito, so many of the beauties of Naples to take pictures of your wedding

In the top 5 of the most beautiful locations for a wedding in Naples, one could not miss the splendid Church of Sant’Antonio a Posillipo. There is indeed a panoramic terrace that allows you to admire the city from above and offers a very nice background for photos. Not to mention that there is also a fairly large space, which allows you to get different angles on the couple or create dynamic and funny photos with the complicity of the guests.

Very impressive in terms of views over the Gulf of Naples, the Virgilian Park is today very popular with spouses. Presents a romantic background on the city and the possibility of enriching the album with outdoor photos with the beautiful trees that this Park has inside.

The top 5 is also full of Piazza Plebiscito. A view that embraces one of the largest squares in the city and with the romantic setting of the Basilica of San Francesco da Paola.

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