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Dream wedding shoes, how to choose them?

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All dream of the wedding dress and spend a lot of time looking for the perfect model to feel princesses at least one day. However, attention to detail is also important and, in particular, in the choice of dream shoes for the wedding. There are so many types and above all able to elegantly complete the wedding dress.

The color of dream shoes beyond the classic white

But how to choose the best dream shoes? Let’s start with the color and that most often takes the same shade as the white dress. Among other things, many companies producing bridal gowns make shoes matched with the chosen model and with elegant references to the dress, which allow the bride to choose this solution. If instead, the goal is to personalize, then it is to be considered as the first element of evaluation whether to respect the classic white color or whether to opt also for alternative colors such as blue or gold or pink.

In this case, in fact, it is possible to opt for an alternative to white while maintaining a certain touch of class and elegance, with color combinations based on the bouquet or other accessories worn on this important day. Very popular in this period, ankle straps, especially if a wedding is held outdoors or in summer, or even enrichments on the shoe such as bows or flowers.

Stiletto heels or dancers for choosing shoes for your wedding day?

From the color to the shoe model, one of the most important decisions for dream choices is the type of heel to wear. A timeless option and still preferred today by most brides is the stiletto heel . To wear all day, they must still put the bride at ease, which is why it is still to avoid too high heels. In this regard, there are models with a medium heel that make the figure of the woman in a wedding dress very slim and allow a good fit for the whole day.

Alternatively, there are also comfortable but still elegant solutions like ballet flats with a small square heel. They are especially suitable for already slender brides who do not need to elegantly increase their height. Is the wedding outdoors? Nothing could be more beautiful than opting for dream shoes like sandals. Elegance is well cared for also in this case, with jewels that enrich the model in detail and often also have original combinations based on the bride’s dress.

Some tips on how to choose your dream wedding shoes

Shoes for a wedding can therefore follow so many styles and be a unique detail to enhance the wedding dress. For this reason, it is very important to buy them as soon as possible and bring them to every proof of the wedding dress for possible adjustments on its length. Whether they are heels or ballerinas, the shoes are worn all day and in the long run they could be tiring to wear. For this reason, it is useful to strengthen the inside of the shoes with orthotics and soft pads or even with non-slip soles. Any other useful tips? Here is a small list:


  • The heel . The bride must feel comfortable with the shoe. It is for this reason that a medium heel is to be chosen that enhances the posture and elegance of the bride during the reception, but at the same time is comfortable to wear. Furthermore, the groom should also be considered by avoiding heels that exceed his height.

  • Tights . Whatever the chosen shoe model, it is mandatory for brides to wear stockings. It is to be chosen for sheer and transparent models that match the light colors of the dress anyway.

  • Fabric. From satin to silk, shoe fabrics are further details not to be overlooked. In this regard, it is important to opt for an elegant fabric that is always in line with the harmony of the wedding dress.

  • In some cases, it is also advisable to buy a second pair of shoes to wear in the second part of the reception. This will allow you to always keep foot comfort under control and why not even help a bride who is a little more undecided to be able to wear more beloved models for her special day.

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