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First bed kit, from preparation to bed linen

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On the subject of equipment, the bride’s first bed is an institution in the South and in Campania and with many rites, which are carried out rigorously to wish luck to the newly initiated marriage. A tradition, very ancient and that compared to the past, foresees the preparation with a lot of purchase no longer at a young age, but also after the proposal.

The tradition of the first bed of the spouses, the preparation only by the mother

In the past, it was the parents of the female daughter who supplied the first bed and bought the main household linen as well as the personal one. To date, there are those who still respect this tradition and those who opt for targeted purchases for a marriage proposal. Furthermore, there is much more complicity with the bride, who can also decide with the parents and the groom, the themes and types of laundry to buy.

Not only that, the first bridal bed kit is also made in conjunction with the finished home, in order to match the linen with the style of the furniture. As inevitable as the most historic of traditions, white. Moreover, the bed must not be prepared in the presence of the spouses but only after the wedding celebration. In particular, it is customary for both the mother of the bride (with possibly the mother-in-law) to prepare it and without the presence of any man (including the father of the bride). Important, also choose a rich quilt with soft colors like white and ivory (never dark colors) or a quilt for the mid-season periods to enrich the composition of the first bridal bed.

The first bridal bed kit, what can not miss as a basic linen?

The first bed kit, as mentioned, must respect as a prevailing white color and especially during the first preparation, it must be very elegant and covered with delicate sheets such as linen, satin or silk. If necessary, cotton sheets can also be purchased, easier to wash and among the most used at home. The basic bed linen such as:


  • Cover and mattress covers for maximum cleanliness in the first house of the spouses.

  • 2 pairs of pillowcases to guarantee a correct replacement too.

  • Additional cotton sheets. To be used at any time of the year and very useful to have in a greater quantity than the more formal linen sheets.

  • Quilt for mid-seasons.

  • Wool blanket for the coldest periods.

  • Pillows. They must be strictly two, because by tradition it is the first bed of spouses alone and no one has to sleep in it before.

  • Attention, moreover, to the rule par excellence in terms of superstition and lucky charms for the bride: Every bed linen must be new and never used!

    Original ideas for the first bed kit? Why not rely on the internet?

    All these ideas are very original for you but do you still want an extra touch in choosing the kit for the bride’s first bed? Today the internet becomes very useful for searching online, the most requested themes to respect tradition without giving up a modern style for the bride. There are, for example, some beautiful hand-finished collections with an elegant lace that can also be adapted to other items of the first linen such as towels or curtains. Or even collections with refined Rebrodè lace, to go back in time to when the linen was hand-made by the dear grandmother.

    With the internet and the e-commerce channel, it is therefore possible to compare many bed collections from the comfort of home and decide with the bride the most beautiful solutions, to then arm oneself according to tradition to realize the first bed after marriage, combining tradition and modernity.

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