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Bridal kit, from the evolution of traditions to the most popular products

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A classic of the Neapolitan tradition and very useful in the new married life, the kit has evolved over time and improved with solutions that are very trendy and more in line with the tastes of the bride. From the bathroom and bedroom linens to the kitchen accessories, something that today cannot be missing in a kit.

How has the wedding dress changed over the years?

The kit is very important for every bride and today finds its evolution with solutions that also respect the tastes of young couples. In the past, in fact, it was the custom for the mother of the bride to buy the main prices of a kit for her daughters from an early age. However, it often ended up buying more than necessary or still useless things and that in fact although they cost a lot, they were not used by the couple at all. A pity, in short, that ended up giving the impetus to an improvement of the kit.

Notwithstanding that, there are still those who continue this tradition by buying the kit already for the girls, there is no lack of solutions today more innovative and based on a concrete purchase only when the marriage proposal is made. The advantages? Noteworthy and above all also linked to the possibility of choosing the desired pieces of the outfit from the bride . Advantages, even in being able to achieve a small economic saving by relying on historical and secure e-commerce channels dedicated to the outfit.

To date, there are also solutions that involve both spouses and opt for a wedding list with a list of many household items. This list, among other things, is used by the guests for an alternative gift to money and for items that are in any case requested and appreciated by the spouses.

The basic kit like bath and bed linen

Returning to the kit, what obviously has not lost sight of, is the usefulness of this tradition in providing the newly-married couple with everything they need to start a new life together. But what goes for the most in a kit in our days? First of all, the bath linen. It is a good habit to start a kit by purchasing a set of large and guest towels. In this case, you can go from colors combined with the bathroom (if you are already lucky enough to have the house completed and know the prevailing colors). Or again, contrasting colors to differentiate towels for her or for him or neutral and elegant colors that match in every bathroom. Furthermore, bathrobes for the bride and groom must be included, with light and easy-to-dry fabrics.

For the bedroom kit , you can buy the most beautiful linen and opt for many colors and styles in the bedroom. Also in this case, where you know the prevailing colors in the home you have a great advantage. There are also traditional choices such as pastel colored sheets that never go out of fashion. Attention, to consider in the kit, all that is necessary for the spouses and above all what is suitable for every period of the year. A sheets with light fabrics for the summer to quilts for the mid-seasons and up to a good wool blanket for the coldest periods.

Kit for the kitchen from the aprons to the complete set of cookware

The kitchen kit is also very important with products such as aprons, dish cloths, pot holders and tablecloths. In the latter case, it is preferable to use both everyday tablecloths and one or two tablecloths for more important events.

Furthermore, a very useful purchase such as cookware batteries is to be arranged. It is a set of the most used pieces for cooking such as milk jugs, casseroles, pots and pans of different sizes. Famous brands in the sector such as Victor Boyer, Amc and Imco, present some of the most complete and suitable stainless steel cookware batteries to successfully complete the bride’s kit.

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