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Appearance of wedding ring and witnesses, the choice of spouses

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A figure in our day also known as a wedding witness, the compare of the ring is very important in the Neapolitan tradition for the life of the spouses. From close family members to the couple’s closest friends, choosing this figure can also help create a very strong bond and support during the organization of the wedding.

Ring appear or wedding witnesses, differences and common points of the role

The ring appears, considered in the Neapolitan tradition as a reference point for the couple. An important role of counselor both on the day of the marriage and in the following days of the first cohabitation.

The appears in the ring, has the task of giving the rings to the spouses to be blessed strictly during mass. Central place also in the role of the family, with the task of being also godfather of the first child born of the aforementioned marriage. To date, this figure is partly still firm in the Neapolitan tradition and provides a more central role linked above all to the faiths that are given to spouses. Very similar figure and which in many cases can also coincide with the role of the ringleader, is on the witness . The latter also has the task of guaranteeing the legality of the marriage (during the civil or religious ceremony, the figures chosen as witnesses of the spouses must in fact be indicated by law) and help them throughout the organization of the marriage.

A figure, very important and whose choice is fundamental on the part of the spouses. Typically, you opt for a close family member (a brother, a sister or cousins) or best friends. The reason? Create an even stronger bond during the new life together and a valid support during the organization of the wedding.

How to choose the ring mates and the spouses’ witnesses

The figures of ring appearances and witnesses of the spouses are very similar, but to avoid confusion, it is sufficient to keep in mind the main rule. The compare of the ring is the one who has the task of giving the faiths and can also play the role of witness. The witness is one who works as a testimony of marriage during the celebration of the civil or religious ceremony and may even not be a witness of faith.

Another very important rule in the choice of ring or wedding witnesses is their number. It must be equal or the classic option of 2 or 4. The latter is chosen especially if couples are present to witness the new union. In some cases, it is also possible to choose a greater number, but it is not easy to manage their position in the church, roles and gifts. Therefore, it is always better to opt for the classic options of 2 or 4 people.

What to give to the ring mates and wedding witnesses

An important Neapolitan tradition, provides that the appear of the ring and the witnesses, gift of special objects to the spouses (including precisely the ring). Consequently the spouses themselves must reciprocate by opting for a special gift. In the case of a couple, it is possible to opt for the same gift, while in the case of single witnesses, it is necessary to choose different gifts. The important thing is not to create disparities in the choice of objects to give to one’s cronies or witnesses.

The wedding favor , is a classic of these gifts. And where in practice, the same objects are also given away to guests, with a larger size for cronies or witnesses. There are also personalized gifts such as household items (especially if it is a couple) of jewels (very popular bracelets for a woman and watches for a man) or original gifts such as a wellness trail, a journey or objects technology.

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