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Entrance to the church, from the rules of etiquette to the most beautiful naves in Naples

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One of the most beautiful choices for crowning your wedding, concerns the church and the many options that our beautiful Region can offer. A beautiful nave, is certainly a first essential element for a triumphal entry of the bride and for a ritual that includes some small rules of etiquette to be followed by all participants. What are the most beautiful naves? We have selected 4 in the city of Naples (but don’t worry, other fantastic rankings on the most beautiful churches in Campania will follow as well).

Rules of etiquette for spouses entering the church

Before revealing our special classic of the most beautiful churches in Naples and why aiming at a beautiful aisle, some rules of etiquette to make the most of your choice:


  • The groom . When one thinks of marriage, one considers only the entrance of the bride and her journey during the aisle. Well, the Neapolitan tradition includes some important rules of etiquette also for the groom. The latter must arrive at church at least 20 minutes before the wedding ceremony begins and welcome the guests.

  • Disposition of the guests. Also the disposition of the guests follows very precise rules and above all they are connected to the relationship with the spouses. It is a good habit to place the groom’s guests on the right side of the nave and the bride’s guests on the left side of the nave.

  • Bride . The bride’s delay is an inevitable ritual in every ceremony and generally should not exceed 15 minutes. At the entrance to the church, moreover, he will have to take a slow step and always look towards the groom throughout the journey on the nave.

  • And it is here that the importance of the nave comes into play, since if larger, it allows a simpler gait and does not hinder the movement of the veil. The bride will then have to place herself to the left of her husband.

    From the Cathedral of Naples to the Royal Papal Basilica of San Francesco di Paola, the most beautiful churches in Naples

    Well now that we have told some of the most beautiful customs of Naples (and in general of the Campania Region) we are ready to reveal our special classification of the 4 most beautiful churches with a single nave.

    Obviously in the ranking and in the first positions, the Cathedral of Naples. The central nave is about 15 meters wide and is among the most fascinating in the city. Built on the initiative of King Carlo II D’Angiò in honor of the Maria Assunta, it is today also important for the blood ritual of San Gennaro. Built in the 13th century, it is one of the symbols of the Gothic style and with frescoes that leave you speechless to your sight.

    In high position among the most beautiful churches of Naples, the Royal Pontifical Basilica of San Francesco di Paola. Made by Ferdinando I of the two Sicilies, it presents one of the most elegant access with a small staircase in Carrara marble and obviously a fantastic nave that the bride can walk to reach her husband and start a charming ceremony among the beautiful statues of the Basilica.

    Basilica of Santa Chiara and the Incoronata Madre del Buon Consiglio in Capodimonte

    In third place in the ranking of the most beautiful churches in Naples for a wedding, the Basilica of Santa Chiara in the historic center. Roberto D’angio, ordered its construction in the 14th century for a distinctive Provencal Gothic style still today its beauty. Strength of the Basilica, its nave with a very important length of about 100 meters.

    In the fourth and last place, the Basilica of the Incoronata Madre del Buon Consiglio in Capodimonte . Its realization takes place in the twentieth century and with a model that is very reminiscent of the basilica of San Pietro in Rome. The interiors are also very beautiful, with mosaics and paintings donated by other structures that were destroyed during the 1980 Irpinia earthquake.

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