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Neapolitan Serenade, an unfailing tradition to celebrate the bride and groom

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All brides want this romantic moment and cannot renounce the beauty of a timeless tradition like serenade. This ritual, in fact, is not left to free improvisation but provides precise details to be respected to carry on the Neapolitan tradition.

Neapolitan Serenade, the origins of tradition and the official declaration of the groom

In the past, the serenade was seen as a solemn moment in which the groom publicly renewed his commitment to marriage by performing this public act before family members and loved ones of the bride. Obviously it was necessary to have the permission from the father of the bride before being able to formally request the hand of his daughter.

With time, this tradition maintains the canons of publicly renewing its promise of marriage, but with a romantic note that follows the groom in his declaration of love. The Neapolitan tradition includes the presence of three musicians including a singer and a guitarist , who follow the groom during the exhibition. The same must be prepared at least one month in advance and concern the choice of songs to be proposed during the serenade. In addition to coordinating with the musicians, the collaboration of friends and family of the bride can be important, to create a unique atmosphere and a moment among the most romantic.

The organization of the serenade with music and loved ones

But how exactly does a Neapolitan serenade work? The day before the wedding, the future bridegroom goes under the balcony of his beloved intoning a few notes of their love song. The groom, however, is not alone, but is accompanied by friends and professional musicians to recreate the party area. There is also the complicity of the bride’s family, who will invite her to look out to hear the serenade.

The groom can then continue to sing the first song chosen for the serenade. Later, let yourself be supported by professionals of the Neapolitan serenade who will perform more songs in honor of the bride. The Neapolitan tradition also sees two important rites repeated in this sweet declaration. The groom, in fact, gives his beloved flowers at the end of the serenade and the latter, invites all guests to his home for refreshments.

The most beloved songs in a Neapolitan serenade

Many songs that can be chosen by the groom for a Neapolitan serenade. The main song must not be missing, that is the one that represents the beginning of their love story and that may be sung by the groom himself at the beginning of the serenade. It matters little if you are not in tune, because we are talking about a party atmosphere to celebrate the happy event and where however you are not alone in the declaration. Organizing the event in advance and with professional musicians (you can also choose the same ones as the reception) allows you to be able to decide everything in detail and to continue the happy tradition for the subsequent tracks with the complicity of friends and relatives.

Among the most popular songs for the serenade, 4 are those that by now find a strong collocation. I will marry you because of Eros Ramazzotti, it is among the very first choices and often proposed even at the reception. Very much in demand during a serenade, the emotion has no voice of Adriano Celentano and Vivo per Lei by Andrea Bocelli. There are also songs of the Neapolitan tradition such as:

Dicitencello vuje. Dicitencello a ‘sta cumpagna vosta
ch’aggio lost ‘or they play is fancy, ch’a penzo sempe,
that’s all my life. L ‘nce’ o vvulesse dicere, but nun ce ‘o ssaccio dí …’ A I love …
‘I love assaje!

Anema e Core. Nuje ca we lost “a pace e o sound, nun ce dicimmo maje pecché? …
Vocche ca vase nun ne vonno, nun só ‘sti vvocche oje né’! Pure, we call you and nun answers
pe ‘fá dispietto to me … Tenímmoce accussí: ánema e core … nun let us cchiù, I miss pe’ n’ora …
you wish and you scare me …

Era de Maggio , The tea vurria vasà and many other songs, can therefore be selected for a sweet romantic serenade before marriage and for a tradition that is still present today for start celebrating the happy union of two spouses.

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