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Choose the favors? Here’s how

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Your wedding is finally near and everything you have ever dreamed of for this special day is about to come true. All that contributes to make your wedding perfect has been chosen: participations , witnesses, car, dress, etc. A particular element however needs attention as it looks like something that leaves a memory of your wedding to the guests: the favors . The idea in fact to present to its guests a small gift to thank them for their presence is very rooted in tradition, but the questions that arise about it are many: which favors to choose? Is there a type of wedding favors more suited to my wedding? How much of the budget allocated to my wedding should be used for the packaging of wedding favors ? To try to answer these and other questions, in the article we will try to indicate all the information useful for choosing bombonier and using guide words:


  • Composition of bomboniere

  • Type of wedding favors

  • Prices of bomboniere
  • Composition of the favors

    The first question that surely needs an explanation more than any other is to understand how the favors of marriage : what should not be missing, what is essential, what is not right. The wedding favor is a custom with ancient origins: in fact, they are born as containers of sweets donated as lucky charms to the guests during important events and only later associated with marriage. A small legacy of this ancient tradition is given for example by the number of sugared almonds present in the packages. Regardless of which gift was chosen, in the wedding favor we always find a bag containing five sugared almonds which represent five good wishes that the bride and groom offer to guests:


    1. health

    3. fertility

    5. longevity

    7. happiness

    9. wealth
    10. Next to this little bag decorated in the most disparate ways comes the wedding favor proper , which can be an object of different types, with different features and sizes whose characteristics also vary depending on the personality of the spouses and the allure that was decided upon to confer on their marriage.

      Kind of favors

      The panorama that extends for what concerns the choice of bomboniere is really wide, if not infinite. How to move then in this plurality of elements, trinkets, styles and types? The advice that more than any other can help is to choose the wedding favors for your wedding, adapting them to the style or theme of your wedding. If, for example, it was decided to get married during the Christmas period and the dominant color of the decorations is red, it will seem appropriate to choose wedding favors made with red ribbons, and an element that has something that fits the theme of your wedding: some original wedding favors can be for example an infuser in the shape of a snowflake. Therefore we offer some examples of types of wedding favors that best suit the style chosen for the wedding:


      • classic ceremony: for the spouses who choose to give their wedding a target as classic as possible, you can opt for porcelain, crystal or ceramic objects. Let’s think for example of the Capodimonte Ceramics: an evergreen appreciated by everyone.

      • personalized ceremony: nowadays we are witnessing more and more the will of the spouses to give a personalized touch to their wedding. Why not choose then original wedding favors ? It is not unusual to be there in front of handmade wedding favors packaged by the spouses themselves: maybe we think about the idea of ​​giving small jars of homemade jam from the bride.


        • solidarity ceremony: one of today’s trends, which is a nice way to do something for others, is to choose for their marriage of solidarity party favors , the proceeds of which will in part be donated to entities such as Save the Children and Emergency which propose solidarity initiatives.

        • green ceremony: if you are a particularly eco-friendly person, you can choose a product that reflects your attitude. Let’s think, for example, of choosing to donate a small seedling in an earthenware jar or a small wicker basket: you will have objects of impact having chosen cheap wedding favors .
        • Obviously, the wedding favor to choose must respect the personalities and tastes of the spouses: if the spouses are people who are particularly sensitive to the theme of solidarity, they will have no problem choosing any solidarity candy that the chosen body proposes to them.

          Favor prices

          When you start discussing in relation to “ prices of favors ” the first and the only element to consider is how much of the budget it was decided to devote to spending on wedding favors . For example, if you have a budget that has no limits, the price of the wedding favor will not be something that will make the difference for you. If, on the other hand, you have saved quite a bit for your special day, your choice will have to fall to cheap wedding favors or something that does not affect your budget particularly at the expense of other more important items. Therefore we will say that the price of the favors varies a lot compared to the economic availability of the spouses: it goes therefore from economic favors that cost about 20 € to favors that can even cost a hundred euros.

          The choice of wedding favors is not always as simple as you can believe. We hope then to be able to provide useful advice to all those who are going to choose their favors.

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