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Wedding invitations? Don’t worry: here’s how to choose

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Here you are and your eternal boyfriend: been together for about 8 years, you are on the threshold of 30 years, and you both have a job that allows you to have a certain certainty that you can finally dedicate yourself to the realization of your dream, that of getting married. When making the decision to tackle such an important step it is good to consider a whole series of elements: the choice of location for the reception, the choice to get married according to the dictates of < strong> religious marriage or not, the choice of faiths … in short, we could stay here to indicate elements to infinity. But one thing is essential: how do you make a reception without guests? And how do they know the people you marry if you don’t send them your wedding invitations ? Here, if you think that the essential element we are talking about are the wedding invitations you saw us right. But how do you choose wedding invitations ? In the article we propose to be able to understand just this by setting our research on the elements that are:


  • Type of participations

  • Characteristics of wedding invitations

  • Participation prices
  • Type of entries

    There are different types of wedding invitations to choose from and whose characteristics change with respect to to the type of wedding you intend to organize. In principle we can say that participations can be divided into two macro-categories which are:


    • Traditional participations : for traditional participations < / strong> means invitations organized in the classic type of participations . That is to say that it is a question of paper participations whose characteristics are diversified according to the style chosen for the wedding. Obviously this type of invitation can (and must) be used for traditional weddings, where the label and the formality are the masters.

    • Wedding invitations online : in an era when all information is transmitted from one part of the world to the other in real time, some want to quickly share the element that warns relatives and friends of the great step that is about to take. The online wedding participations are in fact entirely telematic in nature and can be presented in the form of simple invitations delivered to the interested parties by email or social sharing. There are even those who create facebook groups to deliver their own wedding invitations . Obviously this type of choice is suitable for types of marriage that are not formal or completely informal. Too much in the future? But imagine that, in the not too distant future, the raw material for the manufacture of participations could be scarce, not counting how much in terms of environmental health we could save if we all opted for participations of online marriage . Moreover we would have cheap wedding invitations : the only thing you will need is a pc, an internet connection and a bit of imagination.
    • Features of wedding invitations

      Given that you have opted for a type of traditional wedding invitations , there are some elements that make up the participations that cannot be waived. What are they? We will indicate them immediately. The participations are almost always made up of three elements:

      Envelope. From the more classic and more casual styles, the wedding invitations are always placed in an envelope containing the name of the guest.

      Card. Usually double, white or ivory, the card represents the real is really fulcrum of participation . On it are indeed indicated:


      • The names of the spouses

      • Marriage announcement

      • Maiden / unmarried addresses

      • The place, date and time of the ceremony
      • The names of the spouses are usually placed on the left of him and on the right that of her with the respective addresses at the bottom; Next, at the center of the card the announcement of the marriage with the classic form “(the names of the spouses) announce their marriage”; Just below this formula, the center of the card indicates the place, date and time of the ceremony.

        Invitation. The invitations written on a smaller cardboard and less often having the same style as the main one. It is of use to indicate the location where the reception will take place, the address of the latter and the time in which to present oneself. It is not unusual to find on the invitation the RVSP formula (repondez s’il vous plait), and that is to say an invitation to the kind confirmation of the guest’s presence at the reception. The dress code on the invitation can also be indicated, if the receipt requires it.

        Participation prices

        The invitations for the wedding obviously have a cost that must be considered when decides to budget all the expenses involved in a marriage. There are wedding invitations cheap as well as expensive wedding participations : it all depends on how much of the entire budget you have decided to dedicate to the item invitations.

        The choice of wedding invitations is not always as simple as one might think, and that is why we hope to have been able to provide useful advice.

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