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She who asks him to marry her: 3 useful tips

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Tradition is the cornerstone on which our society moves . Without some elements that have become part of our habits, of our way of doing things, of our way of being, it would seem to us to no longer belong to a group in which certain elements are commonly shared . It is not said however that sometimes it is not beautiful or particular going against the current : so why wait for the man to ask the woman to marry him? Why can’t a woman in love surprise him and ask him to marry her? It is certainly a little more complicated as we are used to seeing man kneel, take a casket from his pocket, ask the woman the dreaded question and put a wonderful diamond on her ring. But complicated does not mean impossible , which is why we offer three useful tips for all those reckless and avant-garde women who are not afraid to expose themselves.

Romantic dinner

A dinner in your favorite restaurant or in the one where for the first time you laughed together to tears because he he was soiled the favorite tie with the oil of the pizza can be a good place in which to ask your him if he wants to become your husband. Obviously you can do it in a discreet way, perhaps agreeing with the waiter and making to arrive at the end of the dinner a dessert accompanied by a letter in which you open your heart to him.

Treasure hunt

What if your boyfriend is a lover of challenges ? Why not organize a treasure hunt? Prepare post-it notes with questions. For every right answer, a prizes up to the last post-it in which you ask him to marry making him find maybe that beautiful watch he longed for. But be careful not to ask questions that are too difficult to avoid a “crash” of the game.


Do you have a shared passion for crosswords? Does it not pass on Thursday that one of the two run on the newsstands for the release of the new issue of your favorite puzzle weekly? And if you were you to prepare a small crossword? Nothing too difficult but maybe, in the 3 horizontal, ask for something whose answer can only be “yes”. An original idea, very special, and to tell your children’s children.

Tradition is the root of our life, but it is not certain that sometimes shaking this root can only make the ground more fertile.

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