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From bride to mother: how long to wait before a baby?

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After long days of preparations, stress, inconveniences, joys, fears and doubts finally you got married : it was a wonderful day, everything went exactly as you had hoped and nothing, but really nothing could have been better. Returning from the honeymoon, however, it begins the “true” married life , made up of compromises and problems to be solved together. A doubt, however, often arises in a newly formed couple: How much to wait before having a child? And above all: wait or not? In the article we propose just this.

Reasons to wait

There are several reasons that could push a couple to wait a bit before having a child immediately after getting married. Here are some of them:


  • Priorities . If you have always prioritized yourself, your travels, your ambitions, etc., know that giving birth to a child this list will be completely upset . In the first place there will only be the needs of the youngster: what are his needs and priorities? So if you still want to make some romantic or adventurous trip, maybe at 24 hours from home, it is better to take advantage of it now and take off some more whims, postponing a possible pregnancy for a few months.

  • Stability . Probably there is no better time than another to become parents. Surely the ideal conditions for bringing children into the world would include having a home, a good job, etc. . But very often, especially in recent times, this is not always possible and we end up waiting for something that nevertheless never seems to arrive. So in these cases, listen carefully to your heart and if you think the time is right, then set aside the house to buy for a moment and follow your instincts.

  • Age . Even age counts in the decision to have a baby: if you are a very young couple, you have plenty of time to be able to concentrate on the couple first to think about having a pregnancy.
  • Reasons not to wait

    Obviously there would also be several reasons that could push a couple not to wait for a baby, but the primary reason is the only one is the main one: the joy and the desire to immediately tighten your baby in your arms.

    There is no right time to wait to have a baby, there are only conditions for which it would be easier. < / span>
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