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Wedding in Boho Chic style: 3 useful tips

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The style of your wedding says a lot about who you are . There are couples who prefer a vintage style wedding, others who prefer a more formal style, others who like themed weddings. One of the most popular styles in recent years is the Boho Chic style . But what is it? The boho chic style stands at the point of convergence between the rustic , vintage and bohemian : it makes colorful and liberal weddings as the hippy spirit teaches, but at the same time extremely chic. In the article we offer 3 useful tips for the perfect success of your boho chic wedding.

The location

The location must perfectly reflect what are the characteristics of a boho chic wedding . Then choose a location in the open air, where take advantage of all the spaces , like a villa in the countryside or a location near the sea. Even enclosed places that have large gardens that can be used for an aperitif at sunset can be an important solution for organizing your boho chic wedding .

The set-up

The most beautiful part of creating a boho chic style wedding is certainly the dedicated to the fittings : woods, flowers, branches, candles and of course lots of colors. Try to imagine how the house of an impressionist painter should be and try to replicate that slightly magical atmosphere, outside the rules and time. Taking inspiration from other weddings or movies, or cartoons can help a lot for your wedding arrangements.


Also the participations for your wedding must have something that recalls the boho chic style : for example, if you have chosen to decorate the location with small flowers, the same flowers could be used to dry the participation itself, or you can use special cards with an elegant handwriting.

Choosing a boho chic style can give rise to a marvelous marriage, just choose the right tricks.
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