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Bride manicure: 3 tips to have perfect nails

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Everything is important for the bride on her wedding day : the dress, the shoes, hairstyle, jewelry and makeup. But there is one thing that has enormous importance, more than many other elements: we are talking about the hands, which must be perfect and impeccable that day because in the forefront in many moments of the day. In the article we offer 3 useful tips for a perfect manicure.

Rely on a professional

The first thing to do to have perfect nails on your wedding day is trust in serious work and sure of a real professional in the sector . Beware of all those people who improvise onicotecnics and who risk ruining your nails just before marriage. Therefore, inform yourself and choose someone who performs their work with professionalism, preparation and experience.

The right length

Hand nails on your wedding day should definitely not look like claws : they would be too long, not very elegant, you could not even take the faith and, nightmare, you could pierce some insert of your wonderful dress. The nails will have to be of a normal length : neither too short, to choke your fingers, nor too long to seem like you came out of a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm.

Suitable colors

But do you think about electric blue lacquered nails on the wedding day? They would be really excessive, could someone say … and why? The color of nails must reflect you and your marriage . If you are spouses brisk and nonconformist, but why say no to a color that reflects you? Okay, maybe it won’t be as elegant as the choice of a nude or a French manicure, but even more important than being elegant on the wedding day is being yourself, and never wrong .

Even choosing a manicure for your special day can lead to doubts. We therefore hope to be able to give useful advice to all the brides who are about to choose.

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