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Cheap wedding favors: 3 tips on how to choose them

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When you decide to get married and take into account all expenses you need to make, one can immediately realize how difficult it is to respect the budget that one had set at the beginning: clothes, location, < span style = "text-decoration: underline;"> placeholder , participations < / span> , sugared , wedding cake and so on saying. But there is the possibility of saving on at least one element, the bomboniere , choosing cheap favors but being, at the same time, representation of the celebration of your love . In the article we will proceed to indicate at least 3 useful tips to better choose your cheap wedding favors.

Choose useful wedding favors

Very often we talk about useful wedding favors but what is it really about? When can a wedding favor be considered useful? Useful favors are those that have a purpose and are not chosen solely for their aesthetic characteristics. Among the examples we can offer are fruit jams in small cute containers that cost very little and which, in effect, have a purpose. Or we can indicate as useful wedding favors small infusions of perfumes by environment: beautiful, simple and cheap, suitable for both the most formal of weddings and the more casual ones.

Choose DIY favors

Another economic and nice idea is to rely on DIY . The ideas are many and you can start with a special package for the confetti to donate to your guests. In this case, especially if you have a mother or a grandmother who love sewing and are available to help you, you can make cotton or linen bags to do embroider your initials or a design that is there expensive. If, for example, the theme of your wedding will be flowers, each little bag could have embroidered a different flower : it is a gift that each of your guests can use in a different way and that will certainly be greatly appreciated. If you love to try fimo or some synthetic pasta, you can make the wedding favors for your wedding by modeling the subject you like best.

Choose simple wedding favors

Simple favors are obviously less expensive than particularly elaborate favors. For “simple” means to say that the favors must be of manufacture not too valuable and of not too expensive material (crystal, ceramic of Capodimonte) and instead opt for the favors just as beautiful but which are replaced from materials that are not too expensive and that ensure that you are within the budget you set for your special day.

Favors are an important element of marriage, but not the most important: therefore it is not a crime to choose to save one’s own on them if you do not have an important sum available for your marriage.

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