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When shoes become a dream to be realized: Dream Shoes

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But those of us who at least once in their life have not thought about how nice it would be to be one of the protagonists of Sex and the City? Oh yes, how many times we watched an episode on TV and we wanted to be Samantha Jones for being so unprejudiced, Miranda Hobbes for its concreteness or Charlotte York for its sweetness? But above all, that the other characters do not want it, those of us who never wanted to be Carrie Bradshow for the innate and marked sense for fashion and his shoe collection ? Being Carrie Bradshow would have meant wearing the most beautiful footwear creations in the world . The shoes: cross and delight of us women, beloved and at the same time very hated, are for women like iron for a magnet, binds us a force that is difficult to fight . And, in the Campanian landscape, there is a shoe factory which is for us women like the chocolate factory for Willy Wonka : a temple to worship a God. We are talking about Dream Shoes , a all-Italian company capable of realizing all women’s dreams .

Dream shoes: magic

What makes this shoe factory a real “ empire of the shoe ” is the fact that the professionalism and talent of master craftsmen will allow you to have shoes made exactly and exclusively tailored for you . It really looks like a magic formula : the customer makes an appointment, goes to the factory, chooses a model from among those proposed or proposes one as she has always wanted, and the employees will quickly realize the product, exactly as the customer had requested it. High shoes, sandals, satin, moccasins, stones, jewels, macramé, jewel sandals, plateau, heel 100, stiletto heel, square heel: ask and you will be given, as a categorical imperative , try to believe.

Dream shoes: for the dream of all time

The professionalism of the employees of the factory will be at your disposal for the realization of shoes for every occasion , but what more beautiful occasion than your wedding to commission the realization of a dream shoe for the day that you have always imagined? And not just for a matter of a purely aesthetic nature: on your wedding day there is the need to face a thousand emotions , a thousand unforgettable moments, from entering the church to the photo shoot, from cutting the cake to that of final greetings, and nothing would be more counterproductive for a bride in her big day than to show signs of suffering on her face due to shoes that, literally, make us sick . The bridal shoe is perhaps the most important accessory for a bride, a purchase that should not be done lightly in order to avoid these inconveniences. And Dream Shoes will greatly reduce your research work: having a tailored shoe made by real artists will mean that every little detail will be designed to allow you the maximum comfort associated with minimum effort. And of course, the shoe will be made according to preferences of an aesthetic nature that in this discourse go into the background: a beautiful shoe can be bought everywhere, but a dream shoe tailored for you is not found everywhere. < / strong>

Dream shoes: where to realize the dream

The shoe factory of Dream Shoes is located in Casalnuovo di Napoli : a dream at hand, for the bell girls and not! Of course, because the initial meeting took place, the employees, in order to satisfy their customers, will be available for shipping. But, if it is not your case, after appointment you can go to the store and, together with a job order that will be available for every request, choose the most beautiful shoes for your most beautiful day. They will be able to advise you on the heel, the fabric and the shape of the shoe based on what your dress is: here you don’t sell by force, you realize dreams. To make an appointment, you can contact the factory by sending a message to the facebook page Dream Shoes , or call the number 3493584414 which will be answered by Martina , which will be able to fulfill all your requests with patience and panache.

Shoes are every woman’s dream, even more so on the most beautiful and special day of their life, the day of the wedding. And, for your wedding day, choose the best, choose Dream Shoes.

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