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67/5000 Art Objectives: when photography becomes an expressive tool

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There is still a heated debate going on about whether to think about photography as an art : many believe that the ability to capture a moment, an emotion, a tear, a smile are pure art ; others believe that because the photographer uses his knowledge as a profession , and not as an expressive medium, photography is not an art. But how can you not see a mastery, a flair, a light, a real work of art in the works of Vittorio Iumiento and his team ? Objectives of art , which comes from the sagacity and the expressive charisma of Vittorio Iumiento, cannot but say a photographic studio that makes its own profession an expressive tool , an art tool.

Objectives of Art: history

We are in 1999 when Obiettivi d ‘Arte opens its doors in arcades . Eighteen years have passed since that day, and to date this photographic studio is one of those most appreciated of the entire panorama of Campania. This certainly thanks to the profound creative talent of Vittorio Iumiento , a connoisseur of the soul, a scholar of the face, an attentive observer who has made attention to details a real professional philosophy. His are photographs that know how to capture imperceptible moments , unrepeatable and magical moments, imprinting them on an object, photography, which crystallizes over time and provides us with memory of that exact moment . And there is nothing that clarifies this concept more like the words of the same Iumiento “No moment must be neglected, no moment, because the eye of the true photographer knows how to transform even the seemingly insignificant gestures and expressions in real works of art. Whoever manages to make an image, now to a child, now to an inanimate object, always gives his contribution to excite and get excited “.

Objectives of Art: work

Vittorio Iumiento’s photographic studio is located in Portici, in Corso Garibaldi 288, between two beautiful old buildings. The door is black, in wrought iron, unmistakable and nice, which gives a first impression of how much the team of this studio works by profession but also and above all by passion, taking care of every detail . At the entrance, you are greeted in a warm and welcoming office, where Iumiento and his staff will immediately put at ease on anyone who turns to them to take photos of their wedding, and not only . Yes, because the staff takes care of weddings, but not only of them: it is indeed a complete photographic studio that certainly offers creative talent for making photos for wonderful weddings, but gives < strong> one hundred percent in any field Vittorio Iumiento and his staff have decided to put their professionalism at the service of their customers. Objectives of Art consists of 4 different divisions :


  • Objectives of art photography studios , which is the division that deals with photography . Whether it is marriage, various types of ceremonies, events and glamor, the professionalism of the staff will be available for every little request, need and, why not, a whim on the part of its customers as their goal is precisely this: see happiness in the eyes of those who require service .

  • Art Objectives videography studios , which is the division that deals with video , from film to digital, to obtain professional video footage shot with cutting-edge techniques and always devoted to customer taste.

  • Objectives of art advertising studios , which is the division that deals with communication , at 360 °, for your advertising and to guide you step by step also in the world of professionals and companies.

  • Art Objectives print studios , which is the division that deals with Press . The goal is in fact to make you touch your emotions, distinguishing yourself with your work both for the wedding world and for the fashion system.
  • Art Objectives: the staff

    Obviously an excellent photographic studio can only make use of the presence of an excellent and prepared team :


    • Vittorio Iumiento , head photographer and soul of this studio

    • Pasquale Iumiento , head videophotographer and young and stubborn inspiration

    • Simona Quadro , the Graphic Designer and engine of the team because we know: women have always a plus.
    • Art Objectives: contacts

      If you had a chance to peek at the Objectives of Art < / strong> you will surely know that you can contact the photo studio via e-mail ( info@obiettividarte.it ), through a special form placed in lower left, using the more immediate tel number . (081486629) or by going directly to the photo studio (Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, 288, Portici) where you will find a team ready to listen to you and understand your needs.

      Choosing a photo studio to create a service, whatever your needs, is never easy. With Objectives of Art you will know that you have made the right choice if all you want is talent, professionalism, trust.

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