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When a passion becomes a profession: Rosa De Vita make-up artist make-up

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Very little is missing for your big day and after having decided to decide everything, from the dress to the shoes, from the hairstyle to accessories, you just have to choose bridal make-up for your special day. The Campania panorama offers many possibilities of choice , from talented novice boys to more experienced make-up artists and with a certain magic in their hands. And then there are those who have made their talent and their passion a real profession : we are talking about Rosa De Vita , a talented girl who made her passion for lipsticks and powders a real job, so she is appreciated and admired by professionals (and not).


Rosa De Vita is a beautiful Neapolitan girl trained as a make-up artist at a Professional Training Agency accredited by the Campania Region ( ASSOFRAM). Of course the school taught her the techniques , the use of brushes, the management of colors, the proportions of her face, but most of Rosa’s work has learned from experience, from the constancy, from the passion and from the desire that puts in wanting to improve itself without ever feeling arrived. Humility and professionalism has made it a young power in the field of make-up, requested by many especially for the empathy that it can find with every single person with which he works. And then yes, Nature did the big thing: Rosa is a girl whose talent and the propensity for this work can be read in every little touch of pencil or eyeliner, which is why customer satisfaction reads in the twinkling of the eyes of each of them.

The technique

Rose in one word? Flexibility . Rosa is in fact able to adapt her technique and her methods according to the situation that presents itself. It is no coincidence that his motto is “ Cosmetics is the science of the woman’s cosmos “, which denotes how careful Rosa is to every single woman who is lucky enough to choose her . Every woman is a cosmos in itself , and every woman feels different from another: those who love warm colors, those who feel at ease only with light tricks, those who love the whimsy , who the simplicity instead. Rosa’s skill lies precisely in this, and this in being flexible enough to be able to make the woman exactly as she would like to be . Obviously in the Rosa technique, denotes a signature , a mark, a trademark that is above all in the base: uniform, homogeneous, linear, luminous and lasting . In fact, all her made-up women were positively impressed by the fact that make-up remained intact even after hours , dancing, hot, cold and this is what makes Rosa a preferred choice over others. < / span>

The profession

Rosa mainly deals with bridal makeup : nothing in fact makes her happier than watching the joy in the eyes of the bride on her most beautiful day and feel part of this magic, of this little miracle. But his professionalism goes beyond : Rosa performs makeup for ceremonies, but also for events, for fairs, for fashion shows in which she shows off all her dimimony with the work she loves. An example? He has worked for TuttoSposi, the largest wedding fair in Italy, in which only excellences participate … must we add more?


If you intend to get married and have not yet decided for your make-up artist, you can get an idea of ​​the work performed by Rosa sifting through her facebook page, Rosa De Vita Makeup Artist Makeup Artist , or looking for her contact istagram, rosyna900. When you are convinced, and you will be, that Rosa is what is right for you, you can contact her on her personal cell phone number, which you will find on her facebook page, and arrange an appointment. Finally: why choose Rosa? For the passion, for the professionalism and for the soul that this wonderful girl puts in her work.

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