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Bags for wedding favors: 3 useful tips to choose

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Favors are one of the essential elements for a wedding : they are the gift that the spouses make to their guests to thank them for having participated in their joy on the happiest day of their lives. The favors can be of different shapes, sizes and features, but all must be contained in an envelope that will present both the bomboniere that confetti . In this article we will therefore provide at least 3 useful tips as a guide to choosing bags for wedding favors to contain confetti for your wedding.


The bags for wedding favors serve to contain the confetti that are donated by the spouses together with the favor real. Bags can be produced in different materials . The most common ones are:


  • Juta , a very popular material for making shabby-style favors.

  • Silk , a very precious material used for making wedding favors for weddings with a formal and very elegant line;

  • Cotton , a material widely used because it is resistant and adaptable to weddings with a very different style, from the most formal to the most intimate;

  • Satin , a flexible and elegant material, preferred for wedding favors made for simple and refined weddings;

  • Linen , a precious material hardly used because it is very expensive;
  • Color and Style

    Bags for wedding favors can be made in different colors depending on what it is < strong> the style of your wedding. For example, if we decided to get married near the sea and theme of your own wedding is the blue color, you can choose bags for favors in satin of the same color, perhaps finished with a beautiful magnet representing a starfish; if instead it was decided to get married in the country choosing the wonderful decorations in style shabby chic , you can choose a jute bag in neutral colors.


    Obviously the choice of bags for favors must take into account the budget that you have available for your wedding, as even what may seem like a small expense, added to the others, affects what you have decided to spend on your special day. Therefore it would be useful to choose bags whose cost, added to that of the favor box, confetti and manufacture for packaging, is contained within the limits that we have decided to impose on ourselves . We can choose materials that are a bit cheaper or have simpler features as long as, to be included in the programs, we choose to respect the agreed budget.

    It may seem trivial, but even the choice of bags for wedding favors can lead to doubts. We therefore hope to have been able to give useful advice to those who are preparing to choose even this small detail for their marriage.

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