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Christian marriage: everything you need to know

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Marriage can be celebrated according to different rites and beliefs : atheistic marriages exist, civil marriages , religious marriages. Among religious marriages, what we would like to deal with in this article is Christian marriage and, in particular, Catholic marriage , the most common type of religious marriage in our country.

Christian Catholic Marriage: the bureaucratic aspects

Given that you have decided to get married in Chies according to the Christian Catholic rite, the first what you have to take care of is the premarital course. Once the Church has been chosen, which is usually the one belonging to the bride, but it is not certain that no Church can be chosen, the parish priest will ask you to participate in a course that is usually held once a week < / strong> in which all future couples who are going to get married in a year will be educated about everything there is to know about Christian marriage . Turning to bureaucracy, the necessary documents are as follows:


  • the Baptism certificate

  • the Confirmation certificate

  • in some cases also the ecclesiastical free status certificate

  • the certificate of participation in the premarital course.
  • Once consent has been obtained for the wedding, religious publications are posted for 8 days , comprising two Sundays, and at the end of these 8 days the Parish Priest will issue a certificate of publication to future spouses who will bring it to the Municipality to initiate civil practices .

    Christian Catholic Marriage: timing

    The most important thing to arrive serenely to the wedding day is to start marriage practices well in advance , so that we can do everything calmly and without forgetting anything. Even if it is possible to have a religious wedding in just 6 months, it is also true that doing everything at the last minute is not good for either of us future spouses. Therefore, choose the Church immediately and start all the paperwork mentioned above.

    Christian Catholic Marriage: the ritual

    During the celebration of the mass, two in particular will be the moments dedicated to the celebration of the wedding : the renewal of the baptismal promises , at the beginning of the religious function, and the real ritual of marriage, with the exchange of rings and wedding vows which takes place after the homily ends with the blessing to the spouses. Except for exceptions, you cannot marry during Lent and Advent . The ritual can also be customized in different ways, such as the choice of certain readings between those proposed by the parish priest and the choice to have them read to people who are important to you.

    Christian Catholic Marriage: Church decorations

    Often the priests impose some guidelines for the decoration indicating the ‘yes points’ and the ‘no points’ for the decorations. Talk to those who will take care of the matter but keep in mind that it is never a good idea to break the rules of the church that hosts you. Instead, try to focus attention on the type of decoration coordinating both the style of the church and the type of ceremony you have in mind . It must be remembered then that the eyes will be focused above all on the spouses, and it is therefore essential make fabulous the setups of the 3 places that see the most incisive presence of the spouses : entrance of the church, area in front of the altar, the sessions. Don’t be too fussy about decorations if you are going to choose a church already richly decorated.

    The choice to get married in the Church is the most common one in our country. We hope to have been able to give useful advice to all those who decide to get married according to a Christian Catholic rite.

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