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Marriage: 5 points to see if it’s the right time to get married

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Before going into anything about marriage, you must first understand if you are really ready to get married . In the vocabulary we read that marriage is a legal transaction that indicates the union of two people for civil, religious, or both purposes and that is normally celebrated through a public ceremony, the wedding . But is it really enough just to know this to be ready for marriage? Is it really enough just to know what kind of validity one’s marriage has, which can be celebrated, and which identifies itself as a legal transaction from which responsibility derives? The answer is no, not just this . In the article we will try then to indicate 5 reasons that should prompt you to get married, as a litmus test to understand if it is the right time to get married, through questions that each of us should ask yourself.

I’m fine by myself?

If you choose to get married because we have reached the age of 30, all our friends have started a family, and we are afraid of exceeding that threshold by remaining alone, then the reasons are decidedly wrong . We must first of all be aware of ourselves feel good even alone before deciding to get married: the purpose of our life is happiness , to be achieved first as individuals and then as a couple. < / span>

With my partner we support each other?

In a couple being the one the support of the other is essential because you live a healthy relationship. Encouraging your partner, supporting him in defeats and enjoying his successes is essential to keeping the couple healthy . And the same we must expect from our partner: to support us, love, comfort and flattery when we need it most exactly as we would do with him.

I accept strengths and weaknesses of the partner?

Changing people is not possible . Each of us has our own character, things we like and things we hate, passions, hobbies and interests that others do not always share. When then some sides of the character are perceived as defects , the only thing to do is to find a compromise designed to accept the partner that, if he loves us, will try to meet us . If, for example, you do not like a type of music that is too rock and your partner is a huge fan of the genre, you can ask him to avoid listening to it every time you drive together, choosing each time what you like. Obviously the do ut des applies: we cannot expect our partner to always meet us on what we perceive as defects and instead never do anything ourselves to solve what the partner sees as a defect ours. < / p>

I saw the worst of my partner and he mine?

It will seem strange, but only when you see the worst of a person and, despite everything, you accept it you can say to be really ready to understand who we have before us . And the worst may be to see your partner on the verge of a crisis for losing your job, your partner on the ground for the death of a parent, your angry partner, or just your partner with a fever and no make-up: if you can overcome everything, from the most serious to the most trivial, then you really love .

I have projects in common?

What would be the point of marrying a person who has life projects completely different from ours ? What is the point of marrying someone when they want a large family and you would live very well without children? How could you never quarrel if one of the two makes decisions without consulting with each other for questions that interfere with the programs of both? Understanding if you have projects of life in common is the most important element to build a healthy and lasting marriage that makes sense to be. If you disagree on this, then it is better to let everyone go their own way and fall in love with someone who shares our same ideas.

Marriage is an important step in the life of each one of us, and that is why before throwing ourselves headlong we must make certain, serious considerations, some of which we have tried to indicate.

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