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Engagement ring: 3 things to know

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Which woman never wanted to receive a romantic marriage proposal in a location that is it magical for the couple? And which woman never imagined receiving a wonderful engagement ring ? A bit all those who imagine their lives next to a person. But what are the things to know about an engagement ring? In the article we propose at least 3 elements to consider.

Stones: which ones to choose?

Each stone has its meaning and, therefore, it is good to choose for the ring engagement that best represents your love . Not only diamonds therefore: those who want to dare and opt for a much more original gift can choose different stones according to their tastes and those of their girlfriend, taking into consideration that each stone has its meaning. Diamond : lasting love, solid and strong; ruby ​​: ardent love; sapphire : faithful love; emerald : love that gladdens hope; aquamarine : lasting marriage, clear and happy; beryl : a stone symbol of a solid bond; Opal : sincere love.

Where is it worn?

The engagement ring cannot be worn wherever you want but, like faith , has its own location that must be respected. Tradition has it that it is brought to the ring finger of the left hand , referring to the legend that wants a small artery to pass from there called vena amoris which brings blood directly to the heart. Always the tradition wants that on the day of the wedding, the ring is moved on the other hand to make space to the faith, also if the tendency to bring both faith and engagement ring on the same fingerboard is very popular.

What kind of ring to choose?

Engagement rings can be made according to different features , and it will be up to the person who intends propose to choose the one that could be most pleasing to the future girlfriend: it’s a bit of a test to understand how much you know the tastes of your beloved. The choice could fall on: solitary , the one accompanied by diamond is the most popular and carries with it the symbol of eternity evoked by the hard and resistant gem; trilogy , where the three stones indicate the symbol of past, present and future love; riviera , a storm of small glitter that runs along the perimeter of the ring on the upper part, giving a very refined and elegant allure; veretta or half veretta , a round of stones along the entire perimeter of the ring or only halfway around, for a special touch and refined.

Even the choice of the engagement ring can sometimes cause doubts. A suggestion could be to get help from a friend of your girlfriend, in order to be sure not to make mistakes.

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