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Invited: what to avoid telling the bride and groom on their wedding day

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When we talk about marriage we usually tend to focus attention on spouses but it is also true that an important component of marriage is the guests : friends, relatives, uncles, grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters are an integral part of our special day. However, there are guests who are sometimes a little inappropriate in telling certain things to spouses. In the article we propose at least 3 topics that a guest should avoid telling spouses on their wedding day.

The dress

Make too acidic or too smoky comments on the bride’s dress or on the dress of the groom can determine the creation of a tense climate : it may indeed happen that the bride’s dress does not please us, but it is not the case to tell her right in the day of his wedding, because it is a day full of emotions that we certainly don’t want to add others, mostly negative. Furthermore, you should avoid too specific questions on atelier chosen or on the cost of the dress: these are not in themselves completely inappropriate questions if you are familiar with spouses, but they must be reserved for a different time.

The Menu

It may happen that something that is served on the menu is not welcome , which we found a pelucchio in spaghetti with clams, or that the cream used to garnish a dish is too sour for our tastes: there is always something that may not go very well but, as long as it’s about details like these , it is not the case to make it present to the spouses creating a feeling of mortification that is not beautiful on their special day. It is better to ask a waiter in a discreet way to have his dish changed or to avoid eating something that we really don’t like without making too many stories.

Unhappy comments

Some guests can let themselves go to really little nice comments towards something that concerns the reception or other details: it is not nice to list to the spouses the statistics of finished weddings just after the honeymoon or to make comparisons with other marriages better than we think. Think about enjoying the good things because the criticisms are good, but if they are disinterested, constructive and, above all, done in the right places and times.

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