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Get married during the Christmas period: 2 pros and 2 cons

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The period in which you decide to get married is indicative of a series of things that represent us : choosing summer means loving the warmth and the unique atmosphere of a summer sunset; spring is for those who love mild temperatures; the period between May and June is the most loved by those who do not like excessive heat. And the winter? Well, those who choose winter, and in particular the period between the Christmas holidays and the New Year’s Eve dinner, can only love the cold, the snow, and the magical atmosphere of thousand Christmas lights . But: What are the pros and what are the cons of getting married at this time ? We indicate at least 2 for both cases .

The pros

The pros to get married during the holiday season may be


  • Unique atmosphere . The intimate atmosphere, typical of winter is certainly the first reason why the couple chooses this season for the day of the yes, with the landscape – possibly snow-covered – and the warm, suffused light of a fireplace, which alone can create a unique frame . The fittings, the colors, the landscape and that magical atmosphere that only Christmas manages to give are elements that give that touch of uniqueness that only this period manages to give.

  • Low budget . If you do not have a large sum available to get married to choose the low season, so defined because it is not the one chosen by the majority of couples about to get married, it could be for you: all in low season costs a little less . From the menu to the favors, from the location to the decorations, the cost of a wedding in winter is much more contained than a summer one.
  • I cons

    The cons to get married during the Christmas holidays may be


    • The cold . In winter, trivially, you find yourself in front of temperatures that can reach zero and, therefore, it is very cold . The cold prevents you from doing several things that the summer period might concede: it is difficult to exploit the external spaces of the location chosen in case of rain, snow or strong wind; you have to use clothes that include elements that protect us from the cold and that, therefore, cost more; we could incur a flu or a strong cold that would not allow us to fully enjoy our great day. Therefore, it is good to keep this “against”, the cold, which sometimes denies many possibilities .

    • Less availability from guests . Let’s face it: p participating in a ceremony involves expenses , and doing it in the winter means taking on greater burdens, either because you have to buy clothes that cost more as winter fabrics are more expensive, and you want because if you get married during the Christmas season, each guest must pay so many extra expenses to which we add our wedding. In addition, some guests may live far away, and cannot reach us because of snow, while others do not have enough vacation available. Choosing to get married in the winter, during the Christmas season, can cause problems for your guests that, reluctantly, may decide not to participate. It is an eventuality to be taken into account.
    • Getting married during the Christmas holidays involves pros and cons : you have to decide considering both of them surely , but let those that are your own desires and dreams prevail.

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