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Wedding cutlery: the right choice guide

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attention to details is what most tends to make the difference, of any ambit it is. In particular then, during the wedding reception that some elements, some details will determine the beauty and care of your wedding: starting from the placeholder up to the cutlery. But, with regards to cutlery, isn’t the location usually concerned with the arrangement and type of cutlery? Of course, very often this is the case, but having a minimum of knowledge as regards the disposition and functionality of each individual piece will lead to constructive criticism of the staff if we know for sure that there is something that it does not work. Therefore, in the article we offer useful tips to choose the best cutlery for your wedding.

Choose cutlery based on courses

Even if the cutlery may seem a minor detail and therefore negligible compared to the choice of other elements such as the participations < / span> of wedding, their importance must be taken into account during a wedding feast. The type of cutlery to be used will obviously depend on the menu choice , then based on the type of courses that you have chosen to delight your guests’ palates. Therefore we will tend to differentiate the cutlery based on the supporting element of the plate. We will therefore:


  • For meat courses : you should not miss the side of the plate < b> a sharply sharpened knife to cut the meat.

  • For fish courses : there are special cutlery to be used in these circumstances. As for the fish knife, this looks like a spatula with small notches , so no sharp blade as in the case of the meat knife.
  • Arrangement of cutlery: how does it take place?

    Cutlery must be placed on the sides of the plate : right the fork, left , the knife, while the dessert spoon and fork are positioned north of the plate . The number of cutlery varies depending on the type of courses you have entered in the menu, but usually the fork closest to the plate is the one for the salad, followed by the one for meat to finish with the one for fish . The same is true for knives which on the opposite side will have the one for salad closest to the plate, the one for meat and finally the one for fish. Should soup or seafood be provided, the spoon and fork will be placed next to the last knife.

    Material: silver or steel?

    For a perfect put en place with classic tones and very formal cutlery can only be silver choices . But if instead your idea of ​​wedding is far from these rules and you prefer to opt for a much more modern banquet also those in steel to go very well, the important thing is to maintain the right balance with the rest.

    It is not always easy to think of the myriad things that are necessary for the realization of the marriage, and often some details can escape. To prevent this from happening, equip yourself with a small planner to note down every little thing that comes to mind: it is only in this way that you will not miss even the smallest detail, such as the layout and the choice of cutlery.

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