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Florentine linen: what can not miss

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Florence has always been considered the cradle of Italian culture : art, music, entertainment and, also, sector < strong> textile . This means that Florentine linen has taken over time a leading role in the manufacture of objects that are, for their beauty, top quality in the field of furniture home : quilts , sheets, tablecloths but also cushions , canvases, curtains. What, however, can be said to be inevitable for what concerns the lingerie that every woman must possess in her Kit ? In the article we will try to give excellent ideas to anyone who is preparing to purchase these indispensable “pieces”.

What is meant by Florentine linen?

The term “ lingerie ” indicates the generic name of artefacts of various fabrics, packaged for personal use (b.intima), domestic (sheets, pillowcases, tablecloths, napkins, etc.), or for toiletries (towels, bathrobes) etc. We refer to these by giving the adjective “ white ” to the noun that indicates them because in the past these elements all presented themselves in a light color, tending to white. The term “ Florentine ” refers precisely to Florence, the place par excellence of the highest manufacture of linen.

What presents itself as inevitable?

In the traditional kit you will normally find 12 services or, more recently, 6 < / strong>, and are so composed: for the table we need two elegant tablecloths of 12 with relative napkins. The tablecloths were once embroidered by the women of the house or inherited from the aves. Serve the relevant molletton, in other words the flannel cloth or similar, which is placed between the tablecloth and the table to protect the latter and not to tinkle cutlery, plates and bottles < / strong>. For the modern outfit it is difficult to have a hand-embroidered tablecloth and often the twelve-seater measure remains unused for a long time. The six-seater tablecloths, on the other hand, are excellent, useful for accommodating friends and parents as well as American sets. To have in the kitchen : linen and cotton dusters, two cotton aprons, terry towels and potholders. For the modern outfit the oven mitt should be added. In the bathrooms need two sets of large, medium and small cotton sheets for the bride and groom, various sets of face towels plus those for the guest in linen , to be easily washed and dried after use. Bathroom mats should also be considered. In the classic kit there is also a pair of bathrobes , which becomes obsolete with the habit of frequent and fast showers, so the modern outfit can do without it and compensate with a set of sheets. The last area affected by the outfit we are going to treat is the bedroom . Traditionally it provides two changes of made up of a double sheet on the lower floor (with corners), a top sheet and two or four pillowcases. Added to this basic equipment are the seasonal coverings : light, wool, quilt, duvet cover and duvet cover. If you intend to make use of a more modern and sustainable kit, the wool blanket (not economic and not even ecological, moth target, difficult to wash and subject to bad smells if kept in a humid environment) can be replaced by a warm blanket of recycled synthetic fibers. The eco-friendly down jacket will not be stuffed with feathers, but with much more durable synthetic materials. You can lighten the kit by using the four-season duvets , thin down jackets buttoned to a medium duvet, which used together form a winter duvet, while separate are used from September to June, forcing only the duvet cover to be washed.

The Florentine manufacture for what concerns the linen really looks like the best qualitatively. Therefore, even if there is a little more to spend, it is strongly recommended for all those who are preparing to purchase the items needed to make the bride kit.

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