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The tablecloth: an inevitable element in the Bride Set

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The bride kit is an essential element for every bride who is going to live in the new house with her husband a once the honeymoon is over, as in the Bride kit there are essential elements to live comfortably in everyday life: towels for the bathroom , quilts for sleeping and, first of all, the tablecloths in kitchen. The tablecloth is in fact one of the key elements for what concerns the “living area” of the bride kit without which a worthy outfit cannot be called such.

Tablecloths: how many?

The bride kit includes the purchase of at least 4 tablecloths for the dining table. At least 4 are chosen because two are destined for sporadic use during special occasions like an important birthday or New Year’s Eve dinner, and other two are instead used daily . Obviously the characteristics of the tablecloths differentiate, and not a little, depending on the use that makes it. In fact we will have:


  • tablecloths for sporadic use : usually of 100% cotton or linen, of a light and neutral color adaptable to all types of formal furnishing;

  • everyday tablecloths : these are tablecloths that can be presented in various materials (cotton, but also plastic or polyester) and in various < a href = "https://www.giordanocorredi.it/arcobaleno/"> colors usually chosen based on the type of furniture in your home.

  • Tablecloths: how to choose?

    Choose the tablecloths based on the use made of them and based on the material chosen as we have seen before, but it is also true that the tablecloths must be chosen based on the style of your home as the tablecloth, like any other element, is today considered a furnishing accessory with which you “dress” your table . So if we talk about a tablecloth for sporadic use and our decor is based on cold nuances, choose a pure white linen tablecloth and, if instead we talk about a tablecloth for everyday use in a house furnished according to the dictates of < strong> Shabby Chic , better tablecloths in soft colors but strong, decisive, with character.

    The bride kit consists of different types of items. Among these, the role of the tablecloth is essential, inevitable and indispensable, of which we have tried to provide the basic information in order to choose the best first of all for themselves and, in return, for the realization of their own kit.

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