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Shabby Chic: the new frontier of style

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You have inherited your home from your grandmother and it is furnished according to a style that recalls the dictates of the 1970s and you don’t like it at all . Well yes: you really need a nice update and to choose a style whose furnishing complements and design features completely revolutionize the your home. So why not choose to experiment something new? The latest trend in furnishing has only one name, and is Shabby Chic . In the article we propose a series of ideas aimed at describing the peculiarities of this new concept of style in vogue in recent years.

What does Shabby Chic mean?

Shabby ” is an Anglo-Saxon word that literally means “ worn, aged “, while the word “ Chic “means refined, elegant . This type of furnishing style is a typical trend of Great Britain , where the first furnishings of this style were seen in the beautiful and large English country cases. It is a style of interior design, furnishing, accessories and accessories that look “aged”: the more details are worn and the better the peculiarity of this style is represented < / strong>.

What are the peculiar elements of this style?

The typical elements of Shabby Chic are determined by objects that present themselves in a certain way: worn-out sofas, old paintings, colored wallpapers stripes, curtains in soft and white colors, majestic chandeliers, antiqued chandeliers etc … No coincidence that the Shabby trend has much in common with period furnishings , especially those in < strong> Victorian style , even if it is the element glamorous and eccentric it manages to make Shabby a “different” style compared to all the other interior design styles. In addition to the influence of English and Victorian furnishings, Shabby draws its inspiration from a wide range of furnishing styles, such as the Nordic, the Franco-Provençal, the Italian and even the style American more pop. The password when it comes to Shabby is color : any piece of furniture can be worked and transformed into a Shabby object if the color . Dark wooden furniture, for example, is painted using white with all its shades , but also dove and pastel colors , so that they have a dusty, aged effect , worn, consumed which is the typical feature of Shabby. Once the furniture is transformed into color, we proceed to the decoration in Shabby style, providing precisely the retro effect typical of antique furniture , a patina of “fake” but convincing wear, given by the paint peeled, low-necked typical of an old piece of furniture to give you the idea of ​​lived.

Shabby Chic: is it applicable to everything?

Shabby is about furniture first, but it is not certain that elements that are created exactly as determined by this style cannot be adapted to it. Let’s say for example that you want to furnish your bedroom in this style: you can choose a < span style = "text-decoration: underline;"> quilt , of the < a href = "https://www.giordanocorredi.it/lenzuola/"> sheets , of cushions and a plaid in soft colors, with textures ranging from white to taupe and which do not deviate from the colors that typically represent the type and style. Even as regards marriage, you can choose Shabby Chic style components: maybe wooden placeholder with of peeling paint or a theme Shabby with elements that all refer to the dictates of style.

The Shabby trend has spread so much recently but it is accompanied by doubts concerning what can and what cannot be considered as belonging to the style. We therefore hope with this article to have clarified the ideas of all those who are going to furnish their homes according to the Shabby Chic style.

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