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The Florentine Kit: all that cannot be missing in the bride kit

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The Florentine manufacture regarding the linen for the bridal outfit made sure that the wording “C Florentine order ”became common use. In fact, the Florentine outfit stands for the particularity of the embroideries, fabrics and textures used that made for the famous Florence in the field of bridal outfit. But: as an example a quilt del Corredo Fiorentino? And which elements cannot be missed in the bridal outfit? In the article we will try to answer these questions.

The Kit: between tradition and modernity

The term “kit” means the set of clothes, linen and other accessories that a bride brings with her to her new home . In the past the bride kit was organized by the bride’s family since the future bride was a child, and according to strict rules concerning what was expected or not to belong to the kit. The traditional outfit can however be interpreted as a double-edged weapon : of positive there is indeed that the future bride did not have to take charge of the expenses, even quite substantial, related to the trousseau since her parents had already taken care of procuring everything that was considered essential to have, for a woman, in the marital home; of negative but there is the fact that maybe the bride has tastes completely different from what the mother has thought for her and that therefore the kit as a compound does not like it or that it is simply past in fashion . Today, although there are elements that are considered inevitable in the Bride kit, the tradition has been slightly outdated: it is the bride herself, in fact, who chooses the Kit for her future home, following her own personal taste and the trends dictated by the fashion of the moment.

The Kit: why Florentine?

What characterizes and therefore distinguishes the elements that belong to the Florentine Manufacturing Kit is, without a doubt, the quality : the fabrics, the embroideries , manufacturing and design are differentiated by the qualitative superiority to less valuable items. For this reason, a quilt from a Florentine kit is completely different from one of dubious origin, made with materials that are not up to standard and harmful to our health. Obviously at the economic level, a Florentine kit will cost more, but it is an expense for life because, except in cases of force majeure, a sheet or a pillowcase of this value will accompany you forever.

The Kit: what does it consist of?

As we have seen, according to the label it is the bride or whoever for her to have to take care of the expense for the Kit, even if today more and more couples choose to share this moment too, perhaps because the bride does not succeed on her own either economically or because she wants to prevent a chosen quilt from appealing to her future husband. The choice can fall on a more copious set or on a less supplied one, depending on what are the needs and the possibilities of the buyer . The quantities listed below are therefore indicative:


  • Bedding : 6 pairs of white linen embroidered in linen; 6 pairs of hem sheets; 2 pairs of colored sheets; 12 white embroidered pillowcases; 12 smooth white pillowcases; 4 colored pillowcases; 2 woolen blankets; 2 blankets of white piqué; 2 quilts; 1 bedspread; 2 plaids.

  • Kitchen linen : 24 hemp towels; 6 aprons for cleaning and cooking; 10 dusters for dust; 1 ironing board; 1 ironing sheet; 10 pot holders;

  • Bath towels : 8 terry towels; 8 linen towels; 12 terry cloth wipes for underwear; 6 medium towels for guests; 2 bathrobes; 2 mats bathroom .

  • Table linen : 4 place mats for 6 or 8 people; 2 tea mats; 4 trolley placemats; 1 American-style service; 2 cups services; 1 flannel per table; 4 placemats per tray; 4 tablecloths .

  • The Kit is an essential element for every woman. We therefore hope to have succeeded in indicating all the fundamental elements for the realization of the perfect Bridal set.

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