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Marriage: 4 curiosities about rice throwing

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There are some traditions linked to marriage which, due to their value, spiritual or not, are important like other elements that would be essential for the marriage, like participations , weeding cake , faiths , honeymoon < / span> etc. Among these, a very special one is that of throwing rice to the spouses when they walk the aisle out of the Church, even if this tradition has also extended to civil weddings. Where does this beautiful tradition take place ? In the article we indicate 4 curiosities related to the launch of rice just after the “yes” of the spouses.

An Eastern belief

The ancient custom of rice throwing seems to be rooted in an ancient legend of the Rising Sun which tells of a generous gesture of the Genius Good that led him to sacrifice his teeth, spreading them in the swamp, to alleviate the suffering of citizens affected by a severe famine. The water, in fact, made every single tooth germinate returning it in the form of rice seedlings, with those small grains that so much remembered his emulated teeth against the devastating drought. This is why this cereal, which has become a symbol of abundance, fertility and good luck , is launched immediately after the ceremony.

Roman origins

It would seem then that tradition has roots also in ancient Rome , even if the Latin origins of this custom are less evidenced than those proven by Far East. However, it is said that wheat was not thrown to the spouses as symbol of prosperity and fruitful life ; rice was used in this custom because it was more readily available in the larders and above all less expensive than wheat .

For each grain, a meaning

The question arises almost by itself: what is the best rice to use for the occasion? Well, we found meanings hidden in each grain , depending on its properties: Venus , the Emperor’s rice, suitable for important ceremonies where the protagonist wears a colorful dress, avoiding unpleasant dark spots; Carnaroli , is a wish for complicity and sharing; Basmati, its perfumed notes are the wish of a love where sensuality and passion are an eternal call; Rome , large grains, symbol of prosperity; Arborio , is a wish of hearts filled with love to the end; Integral , for the purity of the ingredients used, it is the symbol of authentic and sincere love; Parboiled , it is the perfect rice for throwing because it does not leave traces of starch, so you can buy it to fill the bags.

Who buys rice?

Rice can be bought from anyone who takes the task. Usually, however, this task is entrusted to people who have already had experience during other marriages because they know perfectly well that buying the wrong quality of rice can stain the bride’s dress and dress of the groom . Therefore, someone is chosen or someone comes forward to buy the right rice and then proceeds to package it in small organza bags, in tulle or in simple cardboard cones, on which the names of the spouses are perhaps engraved .

This wonderful tradition binds to itself the curiosities that we have tried to reveal in the article in order to satisfy the thirst for knowledge of all those who wondered where this custom came from.

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