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Wok: how to choose one?

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When you go to live in a new house you need to buy a series of essential elements to live comfortably: a quilt , a set of towels from bagno , a mattress , of cushions , a tablecloth , a battery of cookware . And, speaking of cookware, we know that this can be bought complete or be assembled by buying the various elements . Among these there is a really comfortable one that takes the name of wok .

What is a wok?

With the spread of oriental cuisine the wok has arrived not only in restaurants but also on our tables and in our kitchens. The wok is a special pan used in the Chinese cuisine . Ha hemispherical shape . Originally it had two short handles. Now it is easier to find with just one long handle, but the presence of a second handle makes it more manageable. The traditional wok is forged in iron or cast iron. It is a rather heavy pan that has the characteristic of retaining heat for a long time and allowing short cooking with little oil . The bottom of the wok is in direct contact with the flame.

How is it used?

The wok is not only used to quickly brown foods or < / span> to fry , but also for steaming . In fact the wok is usually equipped with a grill to be placed on the upper part, on which to place the foods suitable for this particular type of cooking. The wok in Chinese cuisine is also used for stewing ingredients or for thickening sauces . The main advantage of the wok is to cook food quickly and with little added fat.

Which one to choose?

On the market there are woks of different materials, models and sizes. For example, you can find on sale models of wok with lid in pyrex glass, option that allows you to keep food warm. already cooked. Some woks are covered in Teflon, to allow non-sticking and easier cleaning. But those who prefer avoiding Teflon and the non-stick frying pans, will have to go in search of a wok in stainless steel, iron or cast iron. The Teflon-coated wok is suitable for normal washing in water and soap. The original wok, without a non-stick layer, must be simply wiped with a cloth and polished from time to time with cooking oil. This is necessary care for protecting the wok from rust . Among the available wok models, the carbon steel wok is considered the best, both because it is inexpensive and because conducts heat evenly.

Even the choice of an element like in wok can cause doubts. We therefore hope to have succeeded in the article in giving the clearest possible information to those wishing to buy one.

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