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3 reasons to organize ceremony and wedding reception in the same space

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It happens more often than you can imagine that you decide to get married at a Church that is very far from the location chosen for the reception: it is indicated in fact in participations , which is why some guests may give up to attend the wedding because it is too uncomfortable to go to one place to another. This, and several other inconveniences, move this article to indicate at least 3 reasons why it is more convenient to organize a wedding ceremony and reception in the same place .

Convenience for invitees

Those invited to a wedding are people who are part of our family or our circle of friends and usually live next to us or in some places not far away. But if the guest is an uncle with his family who has lived in Germany for years, things get complicated, especially if the ceremony and the location are miles apart: the uncle will not only have to face the journey and the expenses to come to your marriage but will also face stress of moving to different places on the same day. So, since who decides whether the wedding was successful or not are undoubtedly the guests, they will certainly be happy not to have to stress too moving from one location to another. Enjoying the beautiful day that you have prepared for them, without having to be forced to spend too much time in the car , in traffic, maybe under a scorching August sun will surely be to their liking!

Photo shoot in the same place

It is well known for all the fact that the need for a photo shoot to be carried out on the day of the wedding poses a problem, that is, for which the service itself can last differently time that takes away the rest of the day, with the result maybe that at 6pm the location is still serving the first with a menu of other 3 courses plus wedding cake and sugared . If instead you choose to perform both the ceremony and the wedding reception at the same space, will gain time, light and the guests will not have to wait for the spouses too long . This will give you more time to celebrate the best day of your life.

Save money

Let’s face it, marriage costs : participations, auto , bomboniere < / strong> , clothes, shoes , and so on and so forth. The possibility of organizing the wedding by providing ceremony and reception in the same space saves not a little above all if you have a reduced budget. In this way the suppliers to be paid will decrease and also the decorations and the floral decorations will surely cost you much less.

If you are planning to get married and do not know whether to organize a ceremony or reception separately or together, this article is for you, as it indicates at least three reasons to decide for the second case.

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