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Marriage: 3 mistakes to avoid when organizing

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You have decided to get married and, in addition to choosing the essential elements for your wedding like theme , floral decorations < / span> , participations , bomboniere , testimoni and honeymoon , you have also taken steps to buy everything that may be useful in your new home: tablecloths , pillows , quilts , < strong> pots , glasses and everything you need in a house that, until then, was not yet inhabited. But there are things that , before the organization of the wedding comes to an end, they must be absolutely avoided in order to perform a perfect ceremony and reception. In the article we offer suggestions for avoiding 3 mistakes not to commit when organizing a wedding.

First thing to do: guest list

Never and absolutely not be reduced to drawing up a list of wedding guests after anything else: the list of guests is, for the organization of a wedding, the absolute first thing to do . This is because making a guest list serves to plan everything else : for example, if you have chosen a location and, counting the number of guests we realize that it is not suitable to contain a large number, it would really be a shame to spend money to reserve it and then, reluctantly, cancel. Furthermore, a precise number of guests will allow you to organize tables during the reception , to understand how many wedding favors you need or how big the wedding cake . Do not invite friends and relatives so before you have the final list of guests, otherwise you risk having them people who you did not expect , or even to lose the pulse of the situation and no longer know how many friends you invited to the celebration or reception.

Being inflexible

It happens that a bride has always believed that the wedding dress that fits her best is a mermaid model, then, once she has chosen the atelier, she realizes that that form gives her an ungraceful tone and maybe she despairs because she had always imagined herself at the altar with that kind of dress. The same thing happens during the organization of the marriage: Don’t be too fixated on things and try to be as flexible as possible . If we did not find the exact color for the dress we had chosen for the bridesmaids but one who comes very close is not a drama: that day we must celebrate love and it is right to want everything to be perfect, but we know that perfection does not exist. Therefore we must not make a drama if some details are not exactly as we expected them: also because sometimes the unexpected can make us happier than we thought.

Not having set a budget

Not setting a budget before organizing a wedding is perhaps the most serious mistake of all since, if you don’t have unlimited resources, you can find yourself facing unpleasant inconveniences . In fact, let’s assume that you have no idea how much they cost, for example, < strong> bridal shoes : you go to a store, you fall in love with a couple and it turns out that it costs much more than we expected. And we have to give up because, in the meantime, we have spent an important amount for the location already breaking our possibilities. Not knowing what you can do or not based on your resources is really counterproductive . Therefore the advice is to avoid the biggest mistake, namely not to set a budget for one’s marriage

There are some errors that seem marginal to us but which, instead, have an enormous relevance on the success of a marriage. We therefore hope to have provided useful information on things to avoid before organizing the wedding.

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