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Bon-bon door: 3 tips to choose the perfect one

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When you think of home furnishings you usually think of a tablecloth for the dining table, for a nice < span style = "color: # 0000ff; text-decoration: underline;"> quilt or pillows for the bedroom, a fabulous battery of cookware in the kitchen and a pair of bathrobes for the bagno . Therefore, we do not always think of small objects which, despite their non-essentiality, still make the most warm and personalized environment . One of these objects is the bon-bon door which we will discuss in the article following, in particular, three tips.

Choose based on usage

The bon-bon doors are used to contain chocolates, wrapped sweets, confetti, small sweets to offer to guests when they come to visit us. Their use therefore has a determined functionality that makes these small objects of the elements that contribute to recreating a specific atmosphere . There are bon-bon ports of all kinds, some with and others without a lid. Many married couples choose the bon-bon door as a wedding favor since, as we said, it is a useful object but also beautiful and elegant to look at.

Materials: which ones to choose?

On the market there are different materials with which the bon-bon leads are manufactured. In particular, however, 3 are the most used materials for bon-bon port:


  1. Glass : very resistant but also extremely elegant, the glass bon-bon doors are usually chosen if you want to give your home a element that gives you light and that, at the same time, protects your sweets : the glass in fact has a excellent resistance to temperatures, both high and low, which makes of this material the material par excellence in the manufacture of bon-bon door.

  3. Porcelain : the porcelain is chosen for bring bon-bon when you are sure that these will not be used not very often. This is because porcelain is a wonderful material but also very delicate , not very resistant to shocks and tending to deterioration over time .

  5. Metal : the metal bon-bon doors are much less common as they usually tend to give, by their very nature, < strong> little elegance to the object itself ; on the other hand, metal, tin or steel is usually a perfect “defender” of the freshness of what is contained
  6. Follow the style

    When choosing a bon-bon door it is better to decide for an object that is in line with the furniture that we have decided to give to our house . Like any other object in fact, even the bon-bon door is an element that can be defined as a piece of furniture, an object is therefore useful to the function it performs than to the style chosen for your home . Therefore yes to door bon-bon in porcelain if you have a house that follows a formal and sober style, while in the cold and aseptic environments of modern furnishings, yes to the bon-bon glass doors, whose shimmer tends to give that minimum of heat to a cold environment.

    It will seem trivial, but even the choice of a bon-bon port can create problems. We hope then to have provided in the article the essential elements useful to choose the perfect bon-bon.

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